Inbound marketing is a marketing technique that adapts to new consumer habits. This strategy aims to bring the customer to himself, usually on the web, based on his needs and expectations, rather than going to solicit him with more common marketing strategies such as outbound marketing. The main purpose of inbound marketing is to assist potential visitors in the different stages of the buying decision process.

Unlike inbound marketing, outbound marketing is more traditional and used. Outbound marketing means advertising on television, radio, in banners, newspaper ads… Outbound marketing will seek the consumer, it does not let it come to it as in the strategy of the inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing puts the customer before the product, unlike outbound marketing. Inbound marketing focuses primarily on the customer, on their expectations, in order to offer the best possible product to better satisfy them. Once you’ve earned your loyalty, consumers will come back to you and tell their community about the product and your brand.

This marketing strategy is based on different things. For inbound marketing to work, you have to follow certain steps.

First of all, it is important to attract relevant consumers through blogs, social networks, infographics, games, videos or through an excellent SEO that allows to make visible the distributed contents. 

Then you have to convert consumers into leads and then into prospects. That is to say, transforming leads (contact of visitors obtained through marketing actions) into new customers. For example, by asking them to fill out an online contact form in order to obtain their email address and contact details or by maintaining a relationship with them, in order to regularly give them relevant content, adapted to their expectations to convince them to buy.

Finally, it is important to retain consumers by transforming them into brand ambassadors. This strategy allows customers to recommend your products to their contacts. Indeed, a satisfied customer becomes a true pillar of your brand, which increases the visibility of your brand.

Inbound marketing is therefore a very profitable, sustainable marketing strategy and allows you to develop your brand image by becoming a market leader.