A newsletter is an indispensable marketing tool representing the brand image : it’s the true extension of the company. It helps to keep in touch with customers and to retain them (by sending information on news and promotions, for example) to increase the number of visits to a website and thus increase sales.

To successfully send your newsletters, you must first go through a specific strategic process based on simple questions :

  • Who ?

Targeting customers and prospects is essential in the sending strategy. In fact, you must first select from your database the individuals likely to be interested in the newsletter.  It must therefore be adapted and specific in order to reach customers optimally.

Adopting a personal tone in your newsletters will make the customer feel important, unique and close to your business. So don’t hesitate to include their first and last name as well as to offer them unique promotions, for an anniversary or for a welcome for example.

  • What ?

The content of the newsletter is also very important. It should be clear and concise because an average user spends only 51 seconds on average reading a newsletter.

First, the title must be impactful so that your newsletter does not find itself in the 48% of emails deleted per day! (On 147 emails received approximately by a user in one day)

Afterwards, the message must be concise, the image clear and all this with a simple but attractive design for the customer.

  • Where ?

This question refers to where your email takes you, your website. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that the links included in the newsletter lead to the right place and especially that its content correctly completes the information given on the site.

The call to action must be highlighted in the newsletter through links and buttons that will link directly to the website.

  • When ?

The choice of the date and time of the shipment must be taken with care. The company will have to find a rhythm that will allow it to be constant and regular in its shipments, whether weekly, monthly, etc.

It is very important to remember your customers, but you must be careful not to fall into the excessive risk of annoying them and thus tarnishing their image and reducing sales.

A few more that are not insignificant:

– The newsletter structure must be responsive, that is to say adapted to mobile since 54% of emails are open on the phone.

– It is essential to include an unsubscribe procedure in the newsletter to show the customer that they are free to choose whether they want to continue receiving the newsletter or not.

– Finally, it is essential to include a link to your privacy policy in which you explain how you use personal data to reassure the customer.

In conclusion, do not underestimate the importance of newsletters as they will bring many benefits to your business! Set goals and analyze results (such as the email opening rate or the number of clicks on your link, for example) to adapt your strategy and optimize future mailings.