Sokoloff Lingerie is a company that designs and manufactures fine lingerie that is 100% made in Quebec. Created by designer Sofia Sokoloff, the company’s undergarments are already recognized in the industry for their exceptional fit and comfort. The company offers very feminine and refreshing indoor apparel, bras and panties. Sokoloff Lingerie is a Montreal company that is here to stay. “A benchmark brand for a new generation of women who wish to emphasize their femininity.”


Objective: Already well established in the US market, the company wanted to gain even more notoriety in the US, as well as find an innovative way to present their new collections at one of the most important lingerie shows in New York City.


  • Strategic reflexion
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Advertising campaign
  • Posters
  • Promotional kiosk

H2O communication created a new advertising campaign to unveil the different collections. We created a distinct, feminine and fashionable image that represented the urban Montreal company, which appealed to the target market.

Results: Sokoloff Lingerie dazzled at the New York show.  With a strong presence, the company acquired new consumers and distributors, and increased sales in North America.