Founded in 1981, Ridha Cosmétiques is a professional manufacturer of professional care for institutes and spas. Specializing in face and body care, Ridha Cosmétiques manufactures all of its products in Quebec. Taking advantage of the tremendous potential offered by plants, sea and land, the company relies on research and innovation to manufacture its products.


Goal :

Specializing in cosmetics and skincare for spas and institutes, Ridha Cosmétiques wanted to modernize its brand image while promoting the superior quality of its products. Ridha Cosmétiques thus mandated H2O to create its new branding. The company also entrusted the agency with the mandate to create and program its new website as well as the production of various communication tools.


Solutions :

– Strategic planning

– Market research

– Brand positioning

– Creation of the brand name

– Logo creation

– Website creation and programming

– Kiosk

– Advertising posters


First, H2O communication created a representative and professional branding perfectly transmitting the values ​​and the mission of Ridha Cosmétiques: science from nature, at the service of beauty. Thus, the branding includes graphic elements representing nature as well as bright photos evoking the benefits of the products.


H2O also created the corporate signature “When science and nature come together”. This signature effectively represents the mission of Ridha Cosmétiques, which uses natural products in its care and carries out numerous scientific researches to create effective cosmetics and skincare.


In addition, to allow a smooth branding transition, the blue corporate color has been retained, but the logo has been refined in order to adopt a timeless chic look. Always in order to highlight the high-end positioning of the brand, the colors white and black were used to use the codes of luxury products.


As for the website, in addition to perfectly integrating the new brand image, it is mobile-friendly and well referenced. In addition, the new tree structure allows intuitive and user-friendly navigation through the various Ridha Cosmétiques products. The result is then definitively adapted for professional customers. To support the new brand image, H2O communication has also created new communication tools including a kiosk and advertising posters.


Results :

Ultimately, H2O communication has created a branding in the image of Ridha’s skincares and cosmetics : professional, representative and distinctive. The unveiling of this new brand image took place recently in a salon held at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. The new branding received a warm welcome from industry professionals who attended the event in question. To be continued …