Founded in 1986, the Regroupement des cégeps de Montréal (RCM) brings together for public consultation, coordination and representation the twelve public CEGEPs, French and English, on the Island of Montreal. The main mission of the RCM is the collective promotion of Montreal college education among young people, adults and businesses.


Goal :

The Regroupement des Cégeps de Montréal (RCM) has entrusted the modernization of its brand image as well as the redesign of its website to the H2O communication agency. The objective of the rebranding mandate was to revitalize the branding of the group while reflecting the academic quality of its establishments and programs. RCM also wanted to develop a dynamic website, mobile-friendly and integrating a professional brand image.


Solutions :

– Strategic planning

– Market research

– Brand positioning

– Creation of the brand name

– Logo creation

– Website creation and programming


Initially, at the request of the client, H2O communication revised the name of the group in order to simplify and modernize it. Formerly known as the Regroupement des colleges du Montréal Métropolitain, the agency proposed the name RCM for Regroupement des Cégeps de Montréal.


Then, H2O communication created the new RCM logo. If the blue color has been kept to allow a smooth transition, the logo itself has been completely redesigned. The letters of the new one touch to symbolize the grouping. Then, the letter C is prominent in order to underline the importance of CEGEPs. Much more solid while being refined, the new RCM logo is definitely more modern. As for branding, the agency has created a professional brand image graphically illustrating the academic sphere. Obviously, putting Montreal in the foreground is also an important component of the new branding.


Obviously, all the communication tools created by H2O communication reflect the branding designed for RCM. Whether stationery or website, all communication tools are professional, dynamic and evocative.


Besides, regarding the RCM website, it has been completely redone. On the one hand, the site tree has been revised to allow intuitive and user-friendly navigation through member establishments as well as RCM news. In addition, for the site to be referenced on search engines, the new website programmed by H2O communication is fully responsive. Then, as the site was programmed directly within the agency, the latter perfectly integrates the new brand image.


Results :

The new branding and the website were warmly welcomed by all CEGEPs as well as by RCM partners. With its new branding and new website, the RCM has all the tools to accomplish its mission and to shine as a central figure in higher education in Montreal.