Funded by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec, the Pôle montréalais d’enseignement supérieur en intelligence artificielle, also known as PIA, brings together twelve CEGEPs and seven universities of Montreal. The mission of PIA is to ensure a concerted response to the needs for training and education about artificial intelligence in the higher education establishments of the metropolis.


Goal :

PIA entrusted the mandate of the creation of its branding to the agency H2O communication. The objective of this marketing operation was to create notoriety for this new group while reflecting the professionalism and the academic rigor of this pole. Thus, in addition to the branding mandate, H2O was entrusted with the creation of the website and various communication tools.


Solutions :

– Strategic planning

– Market research

– Brand positioning

– Creation of the brand name

– Logo creation

– Website creation and programming

– Brochure

– Corporate presentation


Before the branding creation, H2O communication first had to create the name of the group. Following strategic planning, H2O proposed a representative and distinctive name for the initiative: Pôle d’Intelligence Artificiel (PIA). Then, the agency designed a professional logo and branding graphically illustrating the technological universe. Another important element of the brand image is the prominence of the city of Montreal recognized as the ultimate city in artificial intelligence. The agency also created the corporate signature of grouping : “Planning the future of IA.”


The website allows intuitive and user-friendly navigation through PIA’s many advances and initiatives. Obviously, all the communication tools created by H2O communication are in perfect symbiosis with the branding designed for PIA. Stationery, presentation and posters are professional, dynamic and representative of the academic excellence sought by the group.



Results :

Ultimately, the branding and the website received a warm welcome during the official unveiling which was held in the great hall of Ahuntsic College in front of more than 200 representatives of the Pole. H2O communication is proud of this achievement, which enables PIA to display a professional image and position itself as a central player in the field of artificial intelligence in Montreal.