OPTITHERA Inc. was founded in 2014 by two professors of Université de Montréal, Johanne Tremblay and Pavel Hamet (Canada Research Chair in Predictive Genomics). This is a strategy to optimize pharmacotherapy in patients with cardiometabolic diseases. Opti-thera is part of the CHUM (Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal translated as University of Montreal Health Centre) and aims at becoming an important hub in the Precision Medicine market of diabetes and its complications. With public and private investments of more than $20M, the company has created a comprehensive database and its goal is to develop precision medicine tools to enable physicians to better customize health care for their patients.


Goal : 

Seeking to highlight advances in diabetes research and its complications, Opti-thera commissioned H2O communication for the creation and programming of its website. The objective of the mandate was to provide Opti-thera with a dynamic website, adapted to mobile and incorporating a scientific, playful and professional brand image.


Solutions :

– Branding

– Website creation

– Programming


The website created by H2O communication uses the colors of the logo, in different shades of blue. Each page of the new website reflects the visual, scientific and human identity of Opti-thera. This new web showcase allows intuitive and user-friendly navigation through the multitude of explanations and services offered.


In addition, for the site to be referenced on search engines, the new website programmed by H2O communication is fully responsive. Then, as the site was programmed directly within the agency, it perfectly integrates the brand image.


In fact, the site highlights the research and advances carried out by Optithera and its expert status in genetic research on cardiometabolic diseases, prevention and patient identification.


Results :

With its new branding and website, Opti-thera has all the tools to accomplish its mission. Thanks to its design, the website facilitates the understanding of diabetes and cardiometabolic diseases. It also enables prevention and networking with potential new patients. H2O communication is proud of this achievement. It’s a file to follow.