The Michel Jodoin Cider House is one of the largest cider producers in Canada. Founded in 1901, the company has long enjoyed a reputation for excellence, with its products earning numerous awards over the years. The cider works continue to evolve, with several new apple products being added to their product line. Moreover, the cider house is proud to have pioneered “traditional method” ciders, to be the largest grower of Geneva red apples in North America, and to have opened Canada’s first micro-distillery in 1999. The widely acclaimed Michel Jodoin Cider House is an essential stop on any tour of Quebec’s cider estates and a jewel of Canada’s food scene.


Goal :

Create holiday season gift box packaging for the Michel Jodoin Cider House, focussing on elegant designs that reflect the brand’s reputation for excellence and quality. Ensure the products stand out from the competition with a touch of originality to entice loyal customers and attract new ones.


Solutions :

– Strategic planning

– Market analysis

– Business intelligence

– Packaging


H2O Communication created a modern, sleek look for the gift boxes. The use of white, along with a simple design, resulted in a high-end effect. The holiday theme shone through with elegance !


Results :

Both modern and festive, the Michel Jodoin gift boxes were a hit for the holidays ! Perfectly aligned with the cider house’s quality products, the modern packaging designed by H2O appealed to new and old customers alike.