Founded 1994 by René Béland, Lunetterie Béland quickly became one of the leading opticians supplying glasses to the Canadian Armed Forces. After a few years, Lunetterie Béland opened its doors to the general public. As a growing company, Lunetterie Béland now has 17 flowering branches covering a large part of Quebec as well as a branch in New Brunswick.


Goal :

Wishing to modernize its brand image, Lunetterie Béland called on the services of the H2O communication agency to create its new branding. The goal of this marketing operation was to increase the company’s reputation while distinguishing itself from the competition. In addition, in order to optimize its online presence in order to improve the customer experience, Lunetterie Béland has also entrusted the creation and programming of its website to H2O.


Solutions :

– Search for the competition

– Strategic reflection

– Logo’s evolution

– Branding

– Corporate signature

– Creation and programming of the website


Obviously, the new branding, as well as all the communication tools created, had to reflect the mission and the quality of Lunetterie Béland’s services. Thus, H2O communication first reviewed the company logo. In particular, the agency has revised the typography and the proportions between them, in order to make the logo more readable and much more effective.


Then, the agency proposed a branding based on the round shape to create a link with the logo. The circle becomes a unique element of branding and allows Lunetterie Béland to stand out from the competition. Also, the selected corporate colors, blue and grey, also allow the brand to stand out from the competition.


Another important element of branding is the photos selected for the website and the communication tools. These show people of all ages to illustrate the company’s mission to provide quality eyewear to everyone, regardless of age and gender.


H2O communication has also created a second key element of the brand image is the new corporate signature. “Your vision for life” perfectly illustrates the philosophy of the company, which advises its customers from an early age and throughout their lives.


In addition to branding, H2O communication completely redone the website of Lunetterie Béland. The new website perfectly integrates the new brand image. The tree structure and the design of the website have been redesigned to improve the customer experience. The new website also includes several keywords and was programmed to optimize organic referencing.


Results :

H2O has created a branding like Lunetterie Béland, which is dynamic and distinctive. Indeed, branding successfully represents the mission and superior quality of Lunetterie Béland’s services. Thanks to its new branding, Lunetterie Béland was able to stand out from the competition and increase its reputation. In addition, the new website has enabled the company to optimize its online presence as well as its organic referencing. This is to be followed…


«  N.B.* :  For reasons of confidentiality, the few images contained in this branding case study represent only part of the total mandate. »