The Ludmer Center for Neuroinformatics and Mental Health is associated with the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and the Jewish General Hospital. The Centre represents a multidisciplinary research platform that is unique in the world. Its ultimate goal is to significantly reduce the rates of mental illness by finding scientific methods to establish early childhood risk factors. Dr. Michael Meaney, CM, PhD, CQ, FRSC, a world-class researcher recognized for his work in epigenetics, is the scientific director of the Centre, which is located at the Douglas Institute in Montreal.


Objective: The renowned Douglas Mental Health University Institute called on H2O communication to develop a new international and credible brand image in the field of neuroinformatics and mental health.


  • Strategic reflexion
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Create a new logo
  • Create a brand image
  • Brand positioning

We created a new, contemporary, professional and credible brand image. The typography and illustrations are truly modern and represent the cutting-edge technology Centre.

Results: Objectives attained. The Ludmer Center is now a worldwide leader in neuroinformatics and mental health. The new brand image helped position the Centre as an industry leader.