Humania BPO specializes in outsourcing customer care. They help businesses optimize their operations and leverage digital technologies to connect with customers. To reflect the company’s field of expertise, we produced a friendly and modern visual identity that put interpersonal interactions at the forefront, while keeping a reference to digital communications.


Goal: Humania BPO hired us to create their brand image and design and program their new website. The goal was to showcase their professionalism and human-centred approach while enhancing their online presence.





  • Strategic planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Branding
  • Website creation
  • Programming



It goes without saying that each page of the new website reflects the approachable and international visual identity we created for Humania BPO. The website is intuitive, user-friendly and presents the wide range of services offered by the company.


The website also underscores their status as an expert in French-language communications, local and remote customer contact centres, and the migration of traditional customer contact centres toward digital ecosystems.


Result: The website design makes it easier for users from around the world to connect with the company. Our creative team went the extra mile to develop a seamless brand image and web platform reflecting Humania BPO’s services, expertise and aspirations. We’re proud of the work we did to strengthen our client’s position as an international leader in the customer service outsourcing field.