Groupe PM has been performing for over 10 years in the mechanical maintenance and repair of industrial and commercial rotary equipment. Groupe PM has developed and built its reputation on the specificity of some of its services, namely: vibration analysis, laser alignment, dynamic balancing but also personnel placement. Thanks to its seriousness and its expertise, Groupe PM supports a recognized commercial, industrial and institutional clientele. 


Objective: Groupe PM entrusted the mandate of the creation of its branding and its website to the agency H2O communication. The objective of this marketing operation was to create a dynamic, professional and distinctive brand image. PM Group also wanted to have a website incorporating its new branding while being user-friendly and equipped with various communication tools.



– Strategic thinking

– Competition research

– Branding

– Brochure

– Calendar

– Stationery store

– Website creation


Initially, H2O communication created a strong and professional brand image graphically illustrating the world of industrial mechanics. Thus, the agency designed a branding with photos illustrating the field of the company. The photos are in black and white, but incorporate a few touches of red in order to reflect the corporate color of the company. Branding allows Groupe PM to stand out from the competition while sporting a professional image. Obviously, all of the communication tools designed by H2O communication perfectly integrate the brand image created for Groupe PM. Whether it’s the brochure, calendar, stationery or website, all communication tools are professional, dynamic and representative. As for the new Groupe PM website, the agency has completely redone it. To begin, H2O communication has reviewed the tree structure of the website to allow intuitive navigation for both customers and potential candidates. Visitors can easily navigate through the company’s services, news and opportunities. Prospective customers can even request a free estimate directly from the website. In addition, as the site was programmed directly within the agency, the latter perfectly integrates the new brand image. Obviously, the new site is responsive.   Results: With its new branding and new website and new communication tools, Groupe PM has all the tools to develop its reputation and reach new potential customers.