Gaïos is a Quebec company specializing in food products made from cold-pressed fruits and vegetables. Gaïos offers juices, raw smoothies and soups made with whole fruits and vegetables, matured and neglected by the food industry, but full of nutrients. Their cold extraction process consists of pressing only vegetables and fruit. The juices and soups are then treated by a high-pressure hydrostatic process (PHPH), to better preserve vitamins, nutrients and natural flavours.


Goal : 

Wishing to acquire a brand image that highlights the superior quality of its products as well as the benefits of cold-pressed juices and smoothies, while standing out from the competition, Gaios chose H2O communication for the realization of its branding. Thanks to this operation, the brand sought to position itself as the ultimate reference in the field of cold pressed. Thus, branding had to involve both distributors and consumers.


Solutions :

– Strategic thinking

– Market analysis

– Search for the competition

– Brand positioning

– Creation of the brand name

– Creation of the logo

– Creation of branding

– Kiosk

– Brochure

– Web banners

– Graphic standards

– Corporate signature


In order to offer an effective, representative and distinctive branding, H2O communication carried out a comprehensive strategic reflection as well as a market analysis. Thanks to this exercise, H2O proposed an original brand name: Gaïos. Subsequently, H2O designed a colourful and dynamic logo and branding that represents in an abstract way the world of cold pressed fruits and vegetables. In addition, in order to strengthen the brand’s positioning, H2O communication has created the line « Gaïos : it’s true, it’s pure, it’s fresh ! »


Another important element of the new brand is the focus of the company’s mission. In addition to offering more nutritious and natural products, Gaios fights food waste.  H2O communication decided to put this message in the foreground by creating the descriptor: At Gaïos, we save fruit, we press them cold and we drink them without any fuss.


Obviously, all the communication tools created by H2O communication reflect the brand’s new branding. Whether it’s the stationery, the brochure, the web banners or the kiosk, all of Gaios’ communication tools are dynamic and colourful.


Results :

The results of Gaios’ branding were not long in coming. Indeed, even before the official launch of the branding, Gaios had already seduced many distributors. You can find Gaios products in several IGA, IGA Extra, Rachelle-Béry et Marché Tradition branches. The products are also available at all Première Moisson bakeries, Tau Market and La Moisson. You can also enjoy some products at the Casino de Montréal. Gaïos products are also available in more than a hundred fine, independent grocery stores and small cafes in the greater Montreal area.


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