Established in 1979, DRUIDE aims to produce natural products that don’t contain ingredients that are dangerous for the human body. DRUIDE products are organic, eco-friendly and certified free of harmful substances. The company is proud to make their sustainable products in Quebec, and to craft them with a full appreciation for health and well-being.


Goal : 

Revamp the look of their Pur & Pure line with packaging that is more modern, elegant and clear to emphasize the quality of DRUIDE products and the company’s core values. Updating the packaging was also an opportunity to refresh the branding of the Pur & Pure line. We therefore reworked the logo to better reflect that natural and organic aspect of the products.


Solutions :

– Strategic planning

– Market analysis

– Business intelligence

– Packaging

– New logo

– New branding


H2O Communication fully revamped the design of the Pur & Pure line, making it more modern and streamlined. The new logo features a leaf to represent the main qualities of DRUIDE products, namely their fair production and use of natural and safe ingredients. Paired with a bright and balanced branding, the new design is now much more attractive and effective.


Results :

Following the introduction of just one product (hydrating face cream), DRUIDE has already noted that the new branding is helping the company reach its sales objectives. With a fresh and modern look, the Pur & Pure line is now able to attract the attention of loyal customers, while appealing to new ones.