Established in 1979, DRUIDE aims to produce natural products that don’t contain ingredients that are dangerous for the human body. DRUIDE products are organic, eco-friendly and certified free of harmful substances. The company is proud to make their sustainable products in Quebec, and to craft them with a full appreciation for health and well-being.


Goal : 

Working jointly with France d’Amour, DRUIDE called on H2O Communication to create the branding and packaging for a new line of organic personal care products. We came up with the BIO LOVE name, as well as the logo. The two green leaves come together to form a heart, symbolizing the products’ natural properties and establishing a link to d’Amour (whose last name means “love”). We also developed sleek new packaging that conveys DRUIDE’s signature authenticity and d’Amour’s values. And finally, H2O Communication produced a communications and marketing toolkit ranging from brochures to kiosks to support the development of this new line of organic cosmetics.


Solutions : 

– Business intelligence

– Strategic planning

– Brand positioning

– Brand name development

– Logo development

– Packaging

– Brochure

– Display

– Posters


Results :

With strong, distinctive packaging, these products developed by DRUIDE in collaboration with France d’Amour are poised for success in the organic cosmetics segment. The sleek and natural image will help BIO LOVE stand out on the market. We will be watching their progress !