Aloha Espresso Bar is a Hawaiian coffee shop that opened in April 2017 in Old Montréal. The tropical café offers acai bowls, succulent sandwiches and high-end Kona coffee with uniquely Hawaiian aromas. Everything is served with an “Aloha” in a setting that will set your mind sailing to the Pacific Islands.


Goal :

The espresso bar was in need of a brand image that reflected its personality and would get the business off to a good start, right from Day 1. H2O Communication was brought in to develop a fresh and youthful branding with an unmistakeable visual image to set Aloha Espresso Bar apart from the more well-established coffee shops in Old Montréal. Our challenge was to strike a balance between the coffee shop’s quality products and its fun side.



  • Strategic planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Brand positioning
  • Logo development
  • Branding creation
  • Stationery
  • Packaging
  • Signage


Since the café was new, everything had to be done. We created a branding that was aligned with the café’s core characteristics and products. In a nutshell, it had to be Hawaiian, original and welcoming. We developed a unique logo that represented Aloha perfectly with a pineapple-shaped coffee cup and we set it against a vibrant yellow background to speak to its tropical roots. We also designed product packaging to highlight the quality of their coffee. Finally, H2O Communication produced the web design, ensuring that the brand image was included in all their communications tools.



Results :

Aloha Espresso Bar was an instant hit as soon as it opened thanks to its impactful and singular image. And even though the espresso bar is still new, local media has already sung its praises, with positive reviews published in popular Montreal blogs like Nightlife CA and MTL blog. This coffee shop is off to a great start and H2O Communication is pleased as (Hawaiian) punch to have played a role in its success.