Formerly known as Ren-X, Acaderme is a professional cosmetic and esthetic care distributor in Canada. Founded twenty years ago, the company represents several renowned brands including Académie Scientifique de Beauté, Orly, Chen Yu and many more. A leader in its field, Acaderme offers its products in numerous spas and beauty salons. In addition, Acaderme offers training and workshops to its customers.


Goal :

Desiring to modernize its brand image and increase its notoriety, Acaderme entrusted the mandate of the creation of its new branding to the integrated agency H2O communication. This project was also a question of completely revising the positioning of the brand in order to effectively represent the offer of the company which specializes in the distribution of professional cosmetic products as well as in training. To bring this new brand image to life, Acaderme needed a website that perfectly integrated its new branding. The company has therefore also entrusted the mandate of the creation and programming of its website to H2O communication.


Solutions :

– Strategic planning

– Market research

– Brand positioning

– Creation of the brand name

– Logo

– Branding

– Website c

– Business cards



Initially, H2O sought a name the new company’s brand image. Acaderme was then born from the alliance of the word “academy” and the word “dermatology”. This new name thus perfectly reflects the mission and the offer of the company. A logo was then developed by the agency’s creatives. The logo symbol is the result of the combination of the academy “a” and dermatology “d”. As for the typography of the logo, it consists of sleek curves for a timeless, professional and upscale image.


Around this name and this logo, a branding was then created. Lilac was chosen as the corporate color. This color allows Acaderme to stand out from the competition and reflect a professional image while highlighting the superior quality of Acaderme’s products. H2O also highlighted all of the training offered by Acaderme through several images and graphic elements illustrating the expert advice services provided by the company.


Then, the agency looked into the creation and programming of the Acaderme website. Being designed and programmed directly within the agency, the website perfectly integrates the new branding. In addition to being mobile-friendly, the website offers user-friendly navigation and has been programmed to promote organic referencing.


Then, to perfect its brand image, Acaderme finally mandated H2O communication to produce its business cards. This should allow the company to build a solid reputation with its target customers.


Results :

Ultimately, H2O communication has created a branding that reflects the products and training of Acaderme, both high-end and professional. The brand image is thus modernized and highlights the caracteristics of all the products and services offered by the company.