Defining a marketing strategy is essential for the proper functioning of a company. In order to best define its positioning and establish itself in a competitive market, you must follow a specific process that we will detail in this article.

First of all, it is essential to conduct a complete and accurate analysis of your market. Indeed, before you can establish an adapted strategy, you must first determine your target as well as its needs, desires and expectations.

Then your business will need to create value that meets your target’s expectations while making a profit for you. Your marketing strategy will enable you to follow a coordinated action plan, focus your efforts in the right places and effectively measure your success.

Once you have chosen and created your value, it remains to communicate on this value to convert a «foreigner» into a client, or even an ambassador.

First of all, you need to attract “international” to your website so that it will discover your business and take an interest in your offer. It will then become a “visitor” to your social networks, for example.

Second, you must be able to convert a simple “visitor” into a “prospect”, that is, a potential future client that meets your target’s criteria. On the web, this goes through landing pages (advertising web pages following a click of an internet user on an online ad for example), calls to action, forms or pages of thanks (web pages following a completed form, for example). The purchase must be completed in order for the prospect to become a customer.

Finally, the last step not to be overlooked: engagement. By organizing events or VIP offers for example, you could convert a single customer into an ambassador of your brand. The ambassador will therefore be both a loyal and regular customer but will also be able to make your brand known to those around you and bring you new customers.

To conclude, your marketing strategy will allow you to stay focused on your goals, understand them and achieve them effectively.