When we talk about promoting a brand, a service or a product on the Internet, we are talking about Internet marketing or e-marketing.

There are two approaches in e-marketing. We talk about the “push” approach and the “pull” approach.

The push approach is to send emails, advertise or use posters to communicate. We canvass a prospect, that is to say a potential customer. The “pull” approach is the opposite of the “push” approach. We don’t go looking for the client anymore, but we let him come. To do this, you have to attract the customer and therefore use different techniques. These techniques can be summarized to make a good content marketing or to use attractive content (we can speak here of buzz). 

E-marketing has many advantages. It allows to reach a maximum number of users since there is no border on the web. A website is the pillar of internet presence. It is with it that users are transformed into prospects (potential customer), then customer.

In addition, e-marketing allows to calculate the ROIs (return on investment) of advertisements and contents, which allows to significantly reduce the costs in marketing terms. These ROIs are measured with tools that can be found directly on the internet such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insights.

These tools give valuable details about users’s behavior on the internet and allows to understand it. With these tools, it is quite possible to adapt your communication to change or increase visitors attraction on the internet.

With e-marketing, it is also possible to customize each tool to reach its target as example emailing. Emailing is a completely customizable communication tool that allows to best segment databases and therefore to send emails tailored to audiences. It is essential to use and adapt your communication to the audience you want to reach.

To summarize, in order to have a good marketing strategy on the Internet, it is important to have a website and to develop an excellent content strategy that can be distributed by email or on social medias directly. It is also wise to adapt your website on mobile to reach as many people as possible.