Founded in 2006, the integrated agency H2O Communication is literally an oasis in the communications world. H2O Communication’s proposal is clear : helping companies grow faster and generate more profit by creating optimal impact thanks to their communications. Weither it is through the creation of powerful branding, targeted advertising campaigns, distinctive packagings, referenced websites or engaging social medias ; our creative ideas are refreshing and distinctive for remarkable results.

With clients in many sectors, including food, healthcare and cosmetics, both B2B and B2C, H2O communication helps companies to increase their brand awareness and reach. As an integrated agency, we offer a multitude of services under the same roof. We offer our customers efficiency, speed and peace of mind by creating branding, strategies, advertising campaigns and communication tools in perfect symbiosis.

We are now an important partner for everything related to the brand and the communications of our clients. We create the footprint that your brand will leave in its path, which inspires confidence and will be a guarantee of success. Our 360 strategies help you increase sales and get real results fast.



Jean-Luc Bouvy, Founder & Creative Director

Founder & Director of Creation, Jean Luc Bouvy has a great expertise in the field of branding and advertising. With more than 20 years of experience in international agencies, he has been at the head of several major accounts, such as Budweiser, Volkswagen, etc. Having won more than thirty awards in North America, he leads professional and passionate teams, delivering a high quality creative product.

Isabelle Boismenu, Director of Sales & Marketing

Associate & Sales and Marketing Director at H2O Communication, Isabelle Boismenu is involved in every project. She ensures the effectiveness of brandings, strategies and advertising campaigns created by the agency. Benefiting from a great expertise in the field of branding and marketing, Isabelle is also a professional lecturer. For the past ten years, she’s been invited to many conventions for business people. Her lectures are about branding, marketing and its practices. 



H2O communication has expanded its offices. The agency acquired a 1940s factory building located in Pointe-Saint-Charles. Completely renovated, the former factory now accommodates our new two floors loft-style offices that house the marketing, creative and programming departments.

Although our new offices are located two minutes away from downtown and Old Montreal, you will be happy to find free parking spaces near our offices.