Founded in 2006, H2O communication agency helps businesses grow faster and increase profits by creating communications that has the greatest possible impact. Our agency specializes in creating powerful brand images and effective advertising campaigns to help companies increase their brand awareness and visibility. Today, our agency partners with all of our clients in every aspect relating to their brand.

We value your visual identity, and your need to differentiate your company from the competition to become a remarkable and outstanding business. We create the impression your brand will leave in its wake, which will inspire confidence and ensure your success. H2O communication has numerous clients in many different industries, particularly in the food and health sectors, both B2B and B2C.

Our strategies help you increase sales and get solid results.

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2020/12/21, HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2020

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2020/12/18, E-MARKETING

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Mr. Eric Tetrault, Director, Communications and Public Affairs, ArcelorMittal Mines Canada


“ H20 communication completely redesigned and rebuilt our website.

Our new website, « Transformerlavenir.com », makes it much easier to recruit candidates.

The restructured site is now interactive and very effective. The agency also created our first blog in North America.

Both web tools align perfectly with our brand. H2O Communication rose to the challenge.

They knew how to work efficiently, and with professionalism, while respecting deadlines.

We are very pleased with this agency’s work and would highly recommend their services. “


Accomplishments : Research and Study the competition, Website, Blog

Ms. Magda Slezak, President, Magenta Photo Studio


“ H2O created our brand image, website, packaging and promotional tools, and they did it efficiently and distinctly.

H2O communications has been an asset to my business for many years now. ”


Accomplishments : Brand Image, Stationary, Website, Web Development, Advertising, Promotions, Packaging, Presentations Templates

Mr. Gaston Dandurand, President, SC360


” H2O communication is a dynamic and professional team that showed the know-how to evolve our brand name, 

modernizing it while remaining loyal to our roots: our new brand image is truly a value-add for our company.

They are also always available, offering various strategies, all the while creating ground-breaking advertising. “


Accomplishments : Brand Health Analysis, Strategic Orientation, Brand Image, Website,

Web Development, Graphic Norms, Communication Tools, Advertising, Corporate Videos, Promotional Items


Mr. Marc Ducharme, President, DUCO Drilling Supply


” We would like to thank H20 communication for so brilliantly modernizing our brand image.

We greatly appreciate the memorable and contemporary look of our new corporate branding.

It is a perfect reflection of the international character of our company.

We are also very pleased that our new website is user friendly, easy to navigate,

as is as effective on an electronic tablet as it is on a smartphone.

It was a pleasure to work with H20.

They were attentive to our needs and were always available, efficient and professional.

Thank you to the team for our brand image and our website.

Our new branding now allows us to completely differentiate ourselves from the competition. We are very proud. “


Accomplishments : Strategic Direction, Research and Analysis of the competition, Brand Image, Logo, Translation, Website Design and Web Programming

Ms. Sofia Sokoloff, President, Sokoloff Lingerie


“A special thank you to H2O communication for creating magnificent ad campaigns and other communication tools for my company.

The team captured the essence of my brand to create an image that looks like me and sets itself apart in the exposition hall.

These tools are definitely an asset to my business development.

And that’s why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend H2O Communication to anyone in the fashion field.

It was great to work with this dynamic and professional team that are always attentive to my needs.

We are very proud of the result, which perfectly represents my brand. A big thank you to the entire team that was involved with my projects.”


Accomplishments : Brand Health Analysis, Strategic Orientation, Advertising Campaign, Posters, Stand

Mr. Franco D’Onofrio, General Manager, Radiologie St-Martin & Bois-de-Boulogne


“ A huge thanks goes to Jean-Luc, Isabelle and the whole H2O communication team for our new branding.

I’ve truly appreciated your advice and your customer approach.

We love our new logo, our website and communication tools.

Your creativity, your dedication and experience has provided us with a corporate image

that is both professional and contemporary.

I’m convinced that your implication in this project will contribute

to improving our customer’s ability to remember our brand.

Thank you again and congratulation to your whole team! ”


Accomplishments : Brand Image Analysis, Brand Image, Corporate Signature,

Logo, Website & Web Programming, Communication Tools, Medical Brochures, Advertising, Promotional Items, Presentation Templates

Mr. Marcel Charbonneau, Vice-President & Partner, Taktik Marketing


” Dear Isabelle, dear Jean-Luc, in the context of the re-branding and communication plan that ensued,

we wanted to thank you for your dedication and the quality of your work.

Your understanding of our vision was quick and right on target. You’ve completed your mandate within very strict deadlines.

We are extremely happy with your team’s creativity and haven’t stopped received praise for our re-branding.

Congrats to the H2O communication team and thank you! “


Accomplishments : Brand Image Analysis, Strategic Orientation, Brand Image, Website, Graphic Norms,

Communication Tools, Printed Ads, Corporate Templates, Promotional Items, Event

Mr. Paul Thouin, President, Olivo


“ It was a real pleasure to work with H20 communication, from the strategic phase, through the creative process, to production.

In addition, I really appreciated their availability, wonderful creativity and ability to listen.

The team demonstrated unwavering professionalism throughout the project and was able to provide us with relevant advice and expertise.

They are meticulous in their work and adept at listening to our expectations, while meeting our tight deadlines. I highly recommend them.”


Accomplishments : Strategic Direction, Creative Branding, Product Design, Packaging, Corporate Signature, Logo, Website, Stationery,

Promotional Items