The logo is an important part of a company’s brand image. Indeed, the logo is often the first contact with the consumer. From this perspective, the logo of a company must be professional, evocative and memorable. However, over time, it is sometimes necessary for a company to evolve its logo. Here are some reasons motivating the evolution of a logo.


Branding refresh

It may be relevant to change the logo when it becomes old and outdated. Consumers associate the quality of a company’s products and services with its brand image, and therefore with its logo. If the logo is obsolete, then it is likely that the potential customer can think that the offer is obsolete. Thus, it is wise to think about changing your logo approximately every ten years. Nevertheless, it is important to keep certain benchmarks and not to completely transform the logo so that the customer can always identify the brand.


A timeless logo

Refreshing your logo too often, however, has a cost! Therefore it is preferable to go for a timeless logo and not an ultra trendy one. It will age less quickly and it will also allow the company to distinguish itself from its competitors. A limited number of colors and a readable font will favor the timelessness of the logo. A sleek logo will also be easily transposable on many media such as business cards, a website, packaging or promotional items.


Internal change

A drastic change in the logo can also be made to mark the new strategy on the part of the company. Whether it’s a business merger or a new target, this branding evolution may be necessary to display the new corporate identity. As part of the founder’s retirement, an evolution of the logo may also be relevant to update the image of the company while maintaining the reputation acquired over the years. This branding modernization will also allow the logo to be adapted to new communication tools such as social medias.


In the end, several reasons can justify the evolution of a logo. Generally, a well-built logo can remain effective for at least ten years. In addition, a well-made logo must remain legible, regardless of its size. It must also be adapted to all formats and marketing media.