Web marketing is changing rapidly. Whether it’s design, social media or website, marketing is constantly influenced by the arrival of new technological advances. Obviously, the change in consumer behavior also has a strong impact on web marketing strategies adopted by companies. Thus, companies, as well as marketing specialists, must closely observe the evolution of marketing trends. In this regard, December seems to be the perfect time to look into the digital marketing trends of the upcoming year. Here are 3 web marketing trends of 2019 that we recommend to our clients.


SEO: again and again

In order to offer higher quality content to its users, Google has adopted several changes in its SEO policy. In 2018, Google’s requirements were mostly technical. Indeed, sites with internal / external links, publishing long text, incorporating meta-descriptions of quality could have a good SEO without necessarily providing great web content. Google has recently integrated semantics into its list of SEO criteria. Otherwise formulated, both the technical and semantic aspect of the web content is now analyzed by Google. Thus, in 2019, companies will have to redouble their efforts to create high quality content to improve their SEO. In 2019, SEO strategies will also have to take into account the growth of voice searches.


Authentic content

In 2018, brands have relied on the abundance of web content. Indeed, companies have made the habit to diffuse frequently, sometimes at the expense of the quality of the contents. Consumers have been overwhelmed by web content. In 2019, companies will have to rely on original and authentic content in order to stand out and reach their target. Precisely, companies will have to publish emotional content that integrates perfectly their brand image.


Video content: a must

According to the latest statistics, 8 million videos are published every day on Facebook. On YouTube , more than 1.5 billion subscribers watch at least 1 hour of videos daily. Then, 300 million people a day use stories on Instagram. These three impressive statistics show that Internet users love video content. This appreciation for videos is not expected to decrease soon. Thus, as part of an effective marketing strategy, companies have to create videos to reach and interest their target customers.


Obviously, several other marketing trends will mark the year 2019. For example, given advances in the field of artificial intelligence, it is likely that 2019 will be the year of the democratization of chatbots. These automated conversational agents help improve the customer experience by providing quick and personalized responses to users. They will therefore be more and more widespread in the upcoming year. For more details on all the trends in web marketing of 2019, and especially to know how to apply them to  your marketing strategy, do not hesitate to communicate with us.