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5 tips for getting better results on social media

One of the biggest myths about social media is believing that managing corporate accounts is easy. Just like any marketing campaign, maintaining a social media presence needs to be carefully planned and managed. Here are some handy tips from H2O Communication about how to get more from your social media.


Pick the right platforms

If you want results on social media, the first step is picking the right ones. You don’t want to create accounts on all platforms. Instead, do some research to determine what types of users each network attracts, then choose those that are in line with your strategy and will help you reach your goals.


Create original content

Original content is key for boosting engagement on social media. This can be articles, photos or videos. Just make sure it has visual appeal and speaks to your audience. You’ll need to develop an editorial calendar to support this initiative.


Tweak your publications for different platforms

A common mistake we see on social media is that companies publish identical posts on all their platforms. And yet, each media platform has its own language and style. To make a bigger impact on social media, you’ve got to follow the rules for each.


Communicate with your followers

Social media is perfect for communicating with current or potential customers—and that communication goes two ways. You need to interact with followers, respond to their comments (even the negative ones) and thank those who give you good reviews. In short, use social networks to spark conversations with your audience.


Analyze your stats

All social media platforms—or almost all—provide free statistics tracking tools for professional accounts. Analyzing this data can help you see how your audience behaves and what content they like best. This can help you adjust your social media strategy and boost your results.