Event company specializing in the rental of digital photobooths, Easybooth entrusted the mandate of the creation and management of its advertising campaign to the Montreal agency H2O communication. The main goal of this campaign was to generate traffic on the new website of Easybooth. Through this ad campaign, the company also wanted to increase its brand awareness and increase its engagement rate on social media.


Thus, in order to establish an effective strategy for the campaign, H2O Communication conducted a detailed analysis of the situation. This analysis made it possible to define a clear positioning for the ad campaign and to identify the best communication channels to reach the target.


Providing 100% digital photobooths, Easybooth wanted to reach hyperconnected target. It should be noted that this target is constituted by both companies and individuals. Thus, the agency has recommended Easybooth to opt for an ultra-targeted web advertising campaign to directly reach potential clients and quickly generate concrete results, all with a reasonable budget. Precisely, the advertising campaign took place on various social media. This campaign was also reinforced by an email marketing campaign.


Of course, to generate optimal results, separate campaigns have been created to directly engage either companies or individuals. Indeed, different visuals have been created according to the two identified targets. In addition, media placement and targeting setting have been adapted to reach either corporate clients or individuals.


This web advertising campaign obtained good results quickly. After just two weeks, the web ad campaign had reached more than 5,370 potential customers and generated 1,353 interactions. All for a engagement rate of 25.2%. This is a rate well above average Facebook advertising campaigns that typically range from 1% to 4%. Then, in addition to generating interactions and increasing traffic on the new website, the campaign helped increase Easybooth’s number of followers. In only two weeks, followers grew by 10% on Facebook. As for the complementary e-mail marketing campaign created for Easybooth, it achieved an opening rate of 25%, which is 9.3% above the industry average.


Ultimately, the web advertising campaign created and realized for Easybooth has generated results quickly with a reasonable budget. Moreover, this case demonstrates that web advertising represents a great opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses operating in B2B or B2C. Whether it’s driving traffic to a site, increasing engagement on social media, or building brand awareness, web-based advertising platforms help businesses get results. with much lower investments than traditional media such as billboards and television.