H2O Communication is pleased to unveil its most recent accomplishment, a new brand identity and website for Vizad Media.


With more than 10 years of success to its name, the visual communications firm hired H2O Communication to refresh its brand image and develop its online presence. Vizad Media hopes this initiative will help the company, which specializes in giant ad panels and billboards, reach its growth targets.


H2O Communication started with an in-depth strategic exploration before repositioning the brand and changing its name to Vizad Media. Not only is the new moniker memorable, it also effectively conveys the firm’s expertise and services.


To strengthen the company’s new positioning and enhance its reputation, H2O Communication developed a brand esthetic that is both modern and distinctive. It reflects the professionalism and experience that Vizad Media has gained over the years in large-scale ad panels and billboards. In particular, the corporate colours were specifically chosen to differentiate the company from its competitors. The logo and other components of the brand image symbolize solidity and reliability, two qualities that define Vizad Media and its products.


H2O Communication also created a new website to boost Vizad Media’s online presence. Each page of the website is obviously aligned with the firm’s new visual identity. Navigating the website is intuitive, making it easy to see the various products and services that Vizad Media offers. Finally, the new website creates a stronger connection between users and the company.


H2O Communication pulled out all the stops to develop the new branding and website, which now effectively reflect Vizad Media’s expertise and services.