It’s no secret that the Super Bowl is one of the most watched TV events in North America. Since its first edition, the sporting event is also a cultural and advertising event. Each year, advertisers have 30 expensive seconds to unveil to the general public new and spectacular ads. Once again, last year, some ads stood out and won the hearts of the public. Think of Alexa losing her voice, Peter Dinklage’s lip sync battle for Doritos and Morgan Freeman for Mountain Dew.


While the Super Bowl remains a must-see television and advertising event, the sporting event has seen a slight drop of viewers in 2018. The advertising budget has also dropped from $ 534 million in 2017 to $ 419 million the following year. Remember that the average price for a broadcast of 30 seconds during the Super Bowl is $ 5 million. Some experts argue that this  decline is partly caused by the growing awareness that football is a dangerous sport.


However, with more than 100 million pairs of eyes glued to their screens each year (only in the United States), advertising investment can only be profitable. Almost half of the audience say they like to watch the commercials broadcast during the Big Game ! It’s more than any other program. This is not surprising since during these precious minutes of advertising, brands come out with outstanding campaigns created especially for the occasion. These campaigns are then adapted and broadcast on social medias. Then, they reach an even larger audience, all year long. Increasing even more the return on investment.


Some advertisers choose to unveil their campaigns before the Super Bowl to increase their visibility. Others, on the contrary, keep the suspense until the last minute to titillate the curiosity of viewers. 30-second spots are not the only forms of advertising around Super Bowl. Some brands with smaller advertising budgets still use the event to create incredible and ingenious campaigns. Think of the magnificent and effective Volvo Interception campaign that took place on Twitter in 2015.


A few days before the 2019 edition of the Super Bowl, we can not wait to see the new advertising masterpieces