In marketing, the term branding corresponds to the deep identity of a company. The logo as well as all the communication tools must be in synergy with the branding. Branding allows a company to stand out from the competition, increase brand awareness, increase revenue and retain customers, because a unique visual language allows customers to easily recognize the brand.


However, over the years, the image of a company may become gradually obsolete. In order to remain effective, the branding of a company must sometimes be modernized. Thus, company do a rebranding operation in order to always offer a professional  brand image.


Depending on the context and objectives, branding change can be subtle and gradual or completely revolutionary. In the field of marketing, this is what we call evolution or revolution of the branding.


As the term indicates, in the case of an evolution, the branding and its components undergo slight modifications. Evolution allows a brand to rejuvenate its branding while maintaining the reputation gained over the years. Several reasons may justify this type of rebranding. Sometimes, the brand image is simply obsolete. Then, in some cases, the evolution of branding aims to stand out more from the competition or to stimulate the growth of the company.


On the contrary, in the case of a revolution, the branding and the elements that compose it undergo a complete and drastic change. Various reasons can motivate a branding revolution. For example, following a merger between two companies, it is often necessary to opt for an original branding revolution. Also, some brands are opting for a revolutionary rebranding to completely change the perceptions of the company. The branding revolution is also a good option when a brand wants to join a new target.


Ultimately, sooner or later, companies are rebranding to maintain an effective and modern brand. Some companies are changing their branding while others are opting for a revolution. Having achieved many rebranding mandates, H2O communication carefully assesses the situation and objectives of each client. Whether for an evolution or a revolution, H2O helps and guides its clients through these changes to create an effective and relevant result.