Gaïos is a Quebec company that makes food products from cold-pressed fruits and vegetables.Their raw juices and smoothies are made from ripe fruits and vegetables that have been left behind by the food industry even though they’re still a great source of nutrition.Gaïos’ simple extraction process involves pressing fruits and vegetables, then treating the juice using high-hydrostatic pressure (HHP) to preserve the vitamins, minerals and natural flavours.


Goal: Gaïos called on H2O Communication to develop the packaging for their cold-pressed juices and smoothies. In addition to reflecting the company’s new brand image (also developed by H2O Communication), the packages needed to help the products stand out from the competition. The idea was to highlight the natural aspect of Gaïos products while winning over distributors and consumers.



– Strategic planning

– Market analysis

– Business intelligence

– Brand name development

– Logo development

– Brand positioning

– Product name development

– Packaging design


To develop distinctive packaging that was aligned with Gaïos’ brand image, H2O Communication opted for brightly coloured labels. Each flavour of juice or smoothie has two specific colours. The dynamic colour combinations reflect the fruits and vegetables they are made from.

H2O Communication also wanted to emphasize that Gaïos products contain pure fruits and vegetables, with no preservatives. This motivated us to use transparency in the package design. The labels don’t cover the entire bottle, allowing consumers to get a clear view of the consistency of the juices and smoothies.

To make it easy for consumers to tell the different flavours apart, H2O Communication created distinctive names for each juice and smoothie type. Inspired by the health benefits of cold-pressed juices and smoothies, we chose positive adjectives as the names. This strategy helps Gaïos stand out from other juice brands.For example, you might grab a juice or smoothie called Positive or Confident.


Results: The results of this initiative were immediate. Even before the official launch of the packaging, Gaïos had already caught the attention of several distributors.Gaïos products can be found at certain locations of IGA, IGA Extra, Rachelle-Béry and Marché Tradition, as well as all Première Moisson, Marché Tau and La Moisson outlets.Select Gaïos products can be enjoyed at the Casino de Montréal.Finally, Gaïos products are available at more than 100 fine food boutiques, independent grocers and cafés throughout Montréal.

We will be watching their progress!