Fondation RÉA is proud to help raise funds for three major university rehabilitation centres across Quebec. The three facilities, which are currently integrated with the Centre de réadaptation en déficience physique – Institut universitaire, were founded by pioneers who wanted to facilitate the rehabilitation and social integration of sick and disabled persons. Thanks to their contributions, Fondation RÉA professionals and employees are now able to take the science of rehabilitation to new levels.

Goal: Create a new name that is more concise, easier to remember and reflects the fact that Fondation RÉA is the merger of three major rehabilitation centres. Create a dynamic brand that conveys a positive and vibrant image of what rehabilitation involves to better reflect the foundation’s positive impact.



  • Strategic planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Logo development
  • Corporate signature
  • Stationery
  • Corporate brochure
  • Social media
  • Website creation
  • Programming
  • Fundraising campaign

We created a dynamic brand that reflects the essence of Fondation RÉA. We chose purple as the corporate colour because it is modern and will help the foundation to stand out from its competitors. By developing new communication tools and programming the website, we created very good natural referencing for the website.


Results: The new brand image was released in February 2017 and was immediately acclaimed by the press. It was even featured on television (Ça me regarde on AMI Télé). Fondation RÉA conducted a survey and found that 90% of respondents like the foundation’s name, 82% say the logo is nice, 91% say the overall effect is professional, and 92% agree that it’s simple and clear. We can confidently say that the new branding is a success!

«  N.B.*: For confidentiality reasons, the images contained in this branding case study only represent a part of the final mandate. »