OZHEO is a company that specializes in executive-level coaching and succession management. With a focus on leadership, OZHEO helps clients surpass their limitations, reach their full potential and achieve personal and professional success. Their simple and flexible approach is based on mutual engagement to generate long-lasting results.


Goal : OZHEO called on H2O Communication to develop the company name, logo, website and communications tools. Our goal was to deliver a strong and professional impact that speaks to the senior management professionals that OZHEO is targeting. H2O Communication produced an urban and contemporary image that makes direct reference to the city’s downtown core, where business leaders converge. We chose red and black to create a singular, dynamic effect.


Solutions :

– Strategic planning

– Name research

– Logo development

– Branding

– Communications tools

– Website creation

– Programming

– Booth


The new corporate colours create an original identity that allows OZHEO to stand out from the competition. With a modern and sleeK website, OZHEO gains a timeless style that will remain current for years to come. We included images of skyscrapers to create a sense of grandeur and development.


Results : OZHEO is now armed with original branding that exudes confidence and will boost the company’s success rate. We will be watching their development!