Dyosah designs prestigious lines of lingerie and sophisticated jewellery with the express intent to make women shine. The company differentiates itself by offering distinguished and exclusive products only online.


Web campaign

Objective: Since Dyosah is in its early stages in the market, the company wanted to consolidate the image it projects, increase its visibility with its target market and thereby increase its reputation.


– Strategic reflection

– Market analysis

– Competitor research

– Brand repositioning

– Media web plan

– Promotional web advertising campaign

After an analysis of the market and the competition, as well as strategic reflexion, we developed a highly targeted web advertising campaign. This approach helped promote Dyosah’s high-end products on popular websites for women who are most likely to become company customers. During this campaign, H20 communication caught the eye of consumers by adding a touch of sparkle and above all, by creating well thought-out banners.


Results: Our agency knew how to make the brand shine, because following this campaign, there was a significant increase in visits to the Dyosah website, which now has a higher profile and a positive image among its target customers.