For years, the main clientele of medium-sized agencies was SMEs. Today, on Montreal’s market, more and more large B2B and B2C companies are turning to medium-sized integrated agencies for the creation and management of their communications. The reason is simple: these agencies offer some advantages that are not necessarily within the reach of the larger agencies. In terms of flexibility and speed of execution, clients proximity and return on investment, medium-sized agencies are more interesting for both SMEs and large companies. This is especially true when it comes to integrated agencies as they offer all services under one roof, thus combining speed and efficiency.


On the one hand, medium-sized agencies in Montreal offer flexibility and speed of execution that the larger agencies have difficulty matching. While good planning is essential when it comes to marketing and communication, flexibility is often the key to success. Of course, in most cases, marketing campaigns are ideally planned well in advance according to the client’s needs. But the fact is that clients reality often changes. These chages can influence marketing campaigns. Internal changes, new opportunities, etc. are so many factors that can cause last-minute requests. With smaller teams working closely under one roof, medium-sized integrated agencies are often more flexible with last-minute requests. Whether it’s a question of modifying a website, creating an advertising campaign, creating content for social media, medium-sized integrated agencies can easily adapt their planning and respond to their clients requests.


Another advantage of medium-sized integrated agencies: clients proximity. These medium-sized Montreal agencies are fully committed to the mandates entrusted to them. They integrate quickly and perfectly the reality and the universe of their clients. Moreover, the members of the team often develop real close relations with their clients. Much more than a provider, medium-sized integrated agencies are important partners for their clients. In short, clients are not treated as simple accounts. On the contrary, clients are treated with care.


Also, in Montreal, both SMEs and large companies entrust their mandates to medium-sized integrated agencies, as they provide a quick return on investment. Much like big box stores, integrated agencies offer all services under one roof, thus combining efficiency and speed of execution. However, by combining efficiency, speed and much more affordable pricing than large agencies, mid-sized integrated agencies allow their clients to make the most of their investments in a short period of time.