A new effective packaging for Prasad Ayurveda

A few months ago, Prasad Ayurveda asked H2O communication to do its new branding, its packagings and its Web site. The goal of this operation was to modernize and strengthen the brand image, ensuring it is memorable and stands out from the competition. As for the packaging, the goal was to differentiate itself from other brands while continuing to reflect the company’s roots.


H2O Communication revamped the brand identity to bring it up to par with the product quality and to ensure that the presentation is as impactful as possible. The transactional website we developed is also more effective and modern. It features pictures of meals made with ghee to appeal to users and aid with product comprehension. The combination of this website and the new communication tools naturally lead to better referencing.


For the packaging, H2O Communication produced a refined design that elevates the brand and reflects the quality of its products. Thanks to the high-end, professional look, the new packages effectively stand out from the competition.


With a new brand image, packaging and website, Prasad Ayurveda and Prasad Gourmet products now make a strong impact in stores and online.The website includes an e-commerce section, allowing customers to place online orders with ease.In addition, the new packaging designed by H2O generated impressive results at retailers in just a few months. Since their release, the newly packaged products have been flying off the shelves so fast that Prasad Ayurveda ghee is now the top seller in its category. Prasad is now available at 600 points of sale across the country, including 250 Provigo/Loblaws locations and the brand has been given increased shelf space.


This incredible improvement just goes to show that a distinctive and professional brand image and packaging are essential marketing tools and growth drivers. H2O Communication is proud of the work we did for Prasad Ayurveda, helping the company on its path to success.