Top 5 packaging trends in 2018


Product packaging has to hit several marketing objectives all at once. It’s not just a matter of protecting contents and keeping them fresh. Packaging needs to nab consumers’ attention and win buyers over, almost immediately. That’s why brands put so much effort into creating original and attractive packaging solutions. Since a package represents the product, brand and market, each packaging is unique. But since packaging is also a marketing tool, we often see trends come and go. Here are five hot product packaging trends in 2018.


Vintage designs

Vintage designs have made a serious comeback in several different fields. Old-school appeal is resurfacing in restaurants, home décor, fashion and product packaging. Vintage shapes and labels are giving certain product packages an original, distinctive edge. Vintage designs are useful for telling a product’s story and encouraging consumers to relive past memories.

Big font

Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with information. This means that packaging needs to quickly deliver a clear and simple message. One way to do that is to use large font for the key message, which includes the logo, product name and product advantages. These components should be big enough to grab the consumer’s attention and convey the message in a flash.



Increasingly, we’re seeing product packages with sketch-type graphics to give products a fun, youthful personality. This strategy makes a product seem accessible to all consumers. Sketches can also convey a handmade and/or natural image, which is in high demand in some fields.


Minimalist designs

The minimalist trend has been around for quite some time in the design field, and we don’t expect it to disappear any time soon. Consumers tend to respond positively to simple, pretty packaging. Minimalist packaging emphasizes keywords and trims away any non-essential information to keep the message clear.


Pastel colours

Pastel colours are all the rage this year and light tones are popping up on all types of product packages. This choice helps attract the consumer’s eye and can also connote that a product is fresh, natural and innocent.