It was in front of a packed house that Isabelle Boismenu, Sales & Marketing Director of H2O communication offered a conference on branding and refreshing the brand image to business people at the Strategies PME event. This conference was held yesterday at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

In addition to being an exhibitor at the show, H2O communications was invited to present a conference on branding and other services such as strategy, advertising, packaging and web communications . Isabelle offered business leaders a conference on the importance of effective and efficient branding. More specifically, the conference focused on “Refresh your brand: Do you have a corporate look for 2019? ”

Thanks to this conference, the business people present learned a lot more about branding and its practices. Extremely generous in her presentation, Isabelle Boismenu revealed to the public many practical tips for creating a distinctive and powerful branding.

The conference rightly raised the fact that the branding of a company allows it to distinguish itself from the competition and build its credibility in order to convince its target. To do this, a brand must communicate a clear, relevant and consistent message about all of its communication tools. This is much more effective, credible, and above all, profitable! Branding is much more than a logo, it’s the face of the business. It is the imprint, the perception that a company leaves to its potential and current customers. It is therefore imperative that the latter be positive and convincing.

Given the success of the conferences presented by Isabelle Boismenu, the sales and marketing director of the H2O communication agency will present several conferences and trainings to the business community of Montreal and its surroundings throughout the year 2019. For more details on the conferences and the services offered by H2O communication, do not hesitate to contact us.



In our current demographic context, the transfer of businesses is a subject of considerable importance. In fact, for several years now, baby boomers have gradually been preparing for retirement. Today the moment has finally arrived, the baby boomers are ready to pass the torch. Family businesses are no exception to this demographic phenomenon.


Indeed, at H2O communication, we have observe an increase of clients from small and medium sized family businesses that are living or are completing the business transfer process. Generally, these are entrepreneurs who take over the reins of the company founded by their parents.


Beyond the hierarchical change, this transfer often leads to changes in the branding and marketing of companies. Several young entrepreneurs who have grown up in the family business wants to modernize and optimize the branding and the marketing strategy when they take over the company.


However, several factors must be taken into account when it comes to the rebranding of a family business. For example, most of the time, branding elements have some sentimental value for the management team. Some entrepreneurs will find it difficult to change the entire branding, review the logo or redesign their website. This is especially true in cases where the founding parent remains slightly active in the business.


This is why it is essential to understand the reality of family businesses before starting the process of creating a new branding or marketing operation. An agency needs to understand the reality of family businesses and support the new management through every step of the rebranding process. The goal is to create a modern and efficient branding that remains representative of the company’s values. The same goes for the global marketing strategy.


In the end, the family entrepreneurship community is currently undergoing major changes in Quebec. These changes are often accompanied by a modernization of the company’s brand image or marketing strategy. Having achieved many mandates with family businesses, H2O communication understands the reality of this clientele. Thus, H2O supports and guides its clients through these changes to achieve a modern, efficient and representative rebranding of the family business.



H2O communication unveils today one of its most recent achievements: the branding and the website of PROPRET.


PROPRET is a leader in the field of housekeeping and building maintenance. Seeking to modernize its brand image in order to highlight the quality of its services and trainings, the Montreal company has mandated the agency H2O communication for the creation of its new branding. H2O has also been asked to create various communication tools such as the the roll-up and the PROPRET website.


Obviously, the new branding, as well as the set of communication tools created, needed to reflect the professionalism and expertise accumulated by PROPRET during its 30 years of activity.


For the new branding, H2O Communication has proposed a completely redesigned logo. Resolutely contemporary, the new logo of PROPRET is in the image of its services : professional and highly qualified. With its solid typography, the new logo subtly suggests the field of maintenance while inspiring a modern image, reliable and dynamic. Branding also highlights human interactions related to the company’s various fields of activity, particularly with regard to social inclusion and trainings.


Also, as part of the creation of branding, blue is the color and acts as a corporate link between the various communication tools. This color symbolizes the clarity, the reliability, and of course, the area of activity of PROPRET.


In the end, H2O communication has created a branding representative of PROPRET. The branding is professional and dynamic. Indeed, the branding successfully represents the expertise and superior quality of the services of the company in the field of housekeeping and building maintenance.



H2O communication unveils today one of its most recent achievements: the branding and the website of Campus d’études supérieures techniques de Montréal(CESTM).


The Regroupement des collèges du Montréal métropolitaingave the mandate of creating the branding of its new international student training initiative to H2O communication. The aim of this marketing campaign was to create notoriety for this new program while reflecting the superior quality of the training offered. Thus, in addition to the branding mandate, H2O was entrusted with the creation of the website and all the communication tools.


In order to offer efficient and distinctive branding, H2O communication has made a strategic reflection. Through this exercise, H2O Communication has designed a professional logo and branding graphically illustrating the academic universe. Another important element of the brand image is the prominence of Montreal as an excellent student city. As Montreal is one of the best student cities in the world, the city plays an important role in the branding of the new program.


In order to improve the experience of future international students, H2O communication has created and programmed a website with intuitive navigation clearly explaining the description of each training and the steps to study at the CESTM.


Obviously, all communication tools created by H2O communication reflect the branding designed for the CESTM. Whether it is the brochure or the website, all CESTM’s communication tools are professional, dynamic and representative of the academic excellence of each training offered.


With distinctive and effective branding, the CESTM has all the necessary tools to make its new program known to targeted international student candidates. Moreover, the CESTM should welcome its first students soon. We will be keeping an eye on their development!



AMY IN HEAVEN hired H2O Communication to create an ad campaign for its last concert at the Rialto Theater. As its name suggests AMY IN HEVEAN is a concert honoring singer Amy Winehouse. The goal of the ad campaign was to promote the musical performance given by singer Cathy Fried and a 20-piece band.


To develop an effective strategy for the campaign, H2O Communication performed a detailed analysis of the situation.This analysis made it possible to clearly define the overall strategy and identify the best possible positioning for the online and print ad campaign.


The agency also examined the media already used by AMY IN HEAVENbefore identifying new communication channels for effectively reaching the target audience.


After assessing all this information, H2O Communication created a professional and attractive promotional campaign designed to pique the interest of the target audience while boosting the band’s reputation. Two promotional videos were produced for the AMY IN HEAVEN concert along with several web visuals, invitations, a poster and interactive content.


H2O Communication concentrated its efforts on strategic communications channels, such as social media, various online platforms and posters, to bolster the campaign. This included a Facebook and Instagram marketing initiative.Then the agency monitored the media strategy’s processes and effects to ensure the campaign was as successful as possible.Posters were put up in key entertainment venues, cafés and shops.


The promotional campaign developed by H2O Communication generated a significant amount of interactions. The promotional videos were viewed more than 4,000 times, while the ad campaign generated more than 65,000 visits to the event page and reached more than 150,000 people. As a result of this campaign, AMY IN HEAVEN doubled its number of followers and its engagement rate.



H2O communication unveils today one of its new achievements : the branding and the packaging of Akro.


A few months ago, Aliments Triova, a nut and candy wholesaler, hired H2O Communication to revamp the brand image of their Emballe Vrac line. H2O communication has also been given the mandate to create new packagings for this line of candies. The objective of this marketing operation was to reach the target and stand out from the competition.


H2O Communication had lots of fun coming up with a new name that was more representative of candies and the fun side of the products.After much reflection, Emballe Vrac was renamed Akro.To support the new name, the agency designed a new logo and distinctive packagings to help Akro products stand out on store shelves.Overall, the new branding is youthful, festive and original.


“Akro” is a playful reflection of the French word for being addicted—and the product’s ability to keep you coming back for more as the candies are extremely delicious.The new logo emphasizes the spirit of fun using original typography and bright corporate colours.H2O Communication also created a funny character to appear on the line’s packages.The custom-drawn character symbolizes the types of candy that Akro offers. Consumers can look through his transparent mouth to see what candies are inside the package—the solution is fast, easy and fun.


In order to support the new branding, H2O Communication has also designed a website dedicated to the Akro line.


With a new name, branding and packaging, the Akro line stands out from the competition. Akro is now fully equipped for growth.We will be keeping an eye on their development !



H2O Communication unveils one of our most recent accomplishments: the new branding for Développement Camirand.


Développement Camirand is a leading real estate developer that wanted to update its brand image and put the emphasis on the quality of its services. They hired H2O Communication to create the new branding and develop various communications tools, including the Développement Camirand website.


It was essential that the new branding and communications tools reflect the firm’s professionalism and the expertise Développement Camirand had gained in its 35 years of operations.


For the new branding, H2O Communication recommended a completely redesigned logo. The new, resolutely contemporary logo reflects Développement Camirand’s key offering: professional, highly qualified personnel and distinctive services. The new logo’s graphic design subtly conjures the real estate field, while conveying the fact that the firm is modern, reliable and dynamic.


H2O Communication chose yellow and dark grey for the brand’s corporate colours, a choice that will enable Développement Camirand to stand out from the competition. These dynamic colours work together to create a contemporary yet timeless image.


H2O Communication also created the corporate tagline “Builder of the Future.” This signature effectively represents Développement Camirand’s mission to build real estate developments for clients and assist them every step of the way.


The website designed by H2O Communication is also perfectly aligned with the new brand image. The new site is easier to navigate and features contemporary photos.The image used on social media was also revamped to match the new brand image.


H2O Communications successfully created a new brand image for Développement Camirand that reflects the firm’s professionalism, expertise, distinctive offer and superior customer service. The new branding positions Développement Camirand as a leader in the real estate development field.



Months after they were announced, the changes to Facebook’s algorithm continue to challenge community managers. The new algorithm gives priority to posts written by friends, to the detriment of business posts. In other words, content posted on business pages is less likely to appear in users’ news feeds. Here are four tips from H2O Communication to help you get around this problem, boost your impressions and stay present in news feeds.


Inform your followers

Some features allow users to see publications from the organizations they follow first, despite changes in the algorithm. All you have to do is click on the Like/Following tab to view the various options available, then select “See first.” We strongly recommend that you provide your followers with instructions on how to do this. You can choose to create an informative or creative video or text post that explains the benefits of reading your content (such as having access to exclusive information, promotions, contests, etc.).


Create Facebook groups
Since the new algorithm prioritizes content and interactions between friends, creating groups can be a very effective social media strategy. Brands can capitalize on the new algorithm by creating groups that are connected to their page. These groups offer followers the chance to discuss the publications on a page and to create a community around a brand.


Post live videos

Creating interactive content is a great way to get people’s attention and encourage them to add comments on Facebook. Live videos attract 10 times more viewers and generate significantly more comments than pre-recorded ones. The more comments and interactions your videos generate, the more the videos get seen. As a result, live videos help increase impressions for business pages—despite Facebook’s new algorithm.


Invest in targeted ads

Investing in targeted ads on Facebook is another technique that can keep business pages present in users’ news feeds, despite the changes in the platform’s algorithm. However, it’s very important that you define your target audience properly for two important reasons. First, a well-targeted ad campaign will deliver better returns on investment. And since Facebook gives priority to effective ads, content that’s properly targeted and relevant will garner more impressions.





5 Tips for improving your SEO

Most consumers do an online search before deciding to buy, regardless of whether it’s a B2B or B2C purchase. Thus, for consumers to choose one business, product or service over another, it must first have online visibility. There are two referencing strategies that businesses can use to boost their position in search results: organic referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEM). When you consider click rates and the high cost of certain keywords, organic referencing offers a better return on investment over the long term than paid referencing.



To improve organic referencing, a website needs to contain relevant and effective keywords. These are the terms that consumers use when searching for a business, product or service. To determine which keywords are best, put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and run searches on keyword planners. Then, add these keywords to your text, including page titles, page descriptions and photo descriptions. There’s no way around it; your entire website must include keywords.


External links

An external link is a hyperlink embedded within a website that leads to another site. By adding external links, you can improve your site’s SEO—but you have to link to sites that the search engine considers to be good quality. Remember, a properly referenced website includes external links.


Text length

If you want search engines to read your content, the text must be long enough. If your text is under 300 words, search engines won’t take it into consideration and it won’t help your organic referencing. You have to boost your descriptions and articles past the 300-word mark to improve organic referencing.


Meta descriptions

Page meta descriptions can also help improve organic referencing. Meta descriptions should contain less than 150 characters and should include multiple relevant keywords. Professional and interesting writing will encourage users to click on your site.


Internal links

Internal links are just as important as external links in your organic referencing strategy. Internal links are hyperlinks that direct users to other pages on the same domain. The more internal links there are within your site, the more credible your site will be in the view of search engines. It all helps improve your site’s ranking!




In the past few years, countless companies have decided to develop an online presence. For many, this includes being active on social media, since this tactic can generate a considerable return on investment. However, not all businesses make effective use of social media. The strategists at H2O Communication have pinpointed some of the most common mistakes that companies make when trying to leverage social networks.


Thinking that social media is easy

Some people think there’s nothing to managing a company’s social media. They wrongly believe that posting content now and then is enough. But that’s more myth than reality. Like any other marketing campaign, a company’s social media presence should be carefully planned and managed to generate optimal results.


Creating accounts on all social networks

Another frequent error is creating accounts on all platforms. Having several accounts isn’t problematic by definition, but if you want strong results, you should determine which social media networks are most appropriate and publish content on them regularly. That’s why it’s so important to do your research and see what type of consumer uses each platform. Businesses can decide which social networks are best for their strategy and use them to publish content that speaks to their target audience.


Ignoring negative comments

There’s no denying that social media has changed the rules of the game when it comes to communication between businesses and customers. In short, it’s no longer a one-way conversation. Thanks to social media, consumers can speak directly to businesses. This helps improve the customer experience and promotes a sense of belonging with brands—but it can also be a double-edged sword. While social media is a great space for customers to post positive comments for all to see, the opposite is also true. Responding to negative comments and opinions on social media is very important because it lets people know that their opinion—and satisfaction—matters to you. Unfortunately, businesses often shy away from responding to negative feedback on social media.