What is the employer brand ?

The employer brand represents a company’s image to its employees and to the outside, and includes marketing efforts to improve and communicate this image. The company’s values, its commitments, the experience it offers to the employees… are all elements that constitute the employer brand.

The objective of the employer brand is to make the company attractive as a potential employer. It should be noted that a company could be very well known, but have a bad image as an employer brand.


Why link employer brand and social media?

In order to move forward with the times, a company must keep an up-to-date and dynamic image.  Carrying messages through social media is therefore an increasingly popular practice.

These offer companies a new form of instant visibility. This is how a company with little presence on the networks will see its image deteriorate, while on the other hand, good web community management will bring it to the front of the scene.


Recruitment is one of the aspects that have radically changed since the emergence of social networks in the daily life of companies. With the democratization of networks such as LinkedIn, a well-known professional network, interested candidates can feel closer to the firms that interest them. Other networks are involved in this corporate life: While Facebook focuses more on viral messaging, such as job postings, Twitter allows for quick and intimate interaction between the company and its customers or employees. In addition, a large number of companies integrate their employees into the company’s employer brand, making them ambassadors for their firm and guaranteeing its quality. Social networks are therefore an opening to corporate life, usually closed to the public, and deeply modify hiring practices.



Appropriate management of social media

“How can I manage my social networks properly? ”

This is a question regularly asked by companies, which do not always feel specialized in this area. For this reason, social network management is a very popular service for communication agencies. A global communications agency specializing in the diffusion of messages will manage the client’s employer brand via the client’s social networks, allowing the client to focus on the services specific to his or her company. Thanks to its expertise, the communication agency will be able to target the group to be reached and will offer a detailed analysis of the networks to use.



H2O communication is pleased to unveil one of its recent achievements : Groupe Conseil Génicom branding.


Founded in 2003, Groupe Conseil Génicom is one of the largest Quebec-based consulting firms working exclusively in the telecommunications field. Seeking to modernize its brand image, the company mandated the agency H2O communication for the creation of its new branding.


The objective of this mandate was to increase the company’s reputation while standing out from the competition thanks to new a branding and optimized communication tools. Thus, H2O communication was also mandated to create all the communication tools such as the deisgn of the website, the kiosk, the stationery and the integration of the brand image on Génicom’s social medias.


Of course, the logo, the branding and all the communication tools created by the H2O communication agency needed to reflect Groupe Conseil Génicom’s area of expertise, that is, telecommunications.


In this perspective, the typography designed for the logo and all the branding inspires high technology and evokes the field of telecommunications. In addition, in order to suggest the services and expertise of Groupe Conseil Génicom, the agency has designed a unique brand image illustrating inter-connected points flying over ultramodern cities. The new branding created by the agency strengthens Genicom’s leading position in the telecommunications field.


Obviously, all the communication tools created by the agency are in perfect symbiosis with Groupe Conseil Génicom’s new brand image.


In the end, thanks to the branding created by H2O communication, Groupe Conseil Génicom now has a branding and professional communication tools, reflecting its expertise and its position as a leader in its field.



Packaging, in addition to its product protection and preservation functions, has a very important role to play in a company’s marketing strategy. Indeed, packaging is the main marketing tool influencing consumer behavior directly in the store. Focus on this powerful marketing tool.


The packaging of a product must deliver a powerful and effective visual message, as it is the first impression that the customer will have of a product. In addition to its functional dimension, packaging has a sensory and emotional function: within a few seconds, it must provide clear information to trigger a purchase act. It is clear that packaging design has a direct impact on sales. For example, H2O communication has collaborated with brands that have seen their sales increase considerably following a rebranding operation at the end of which the packaging was modified. In this case, the products have not changed, only the packaging has been redesigned. Another proof that the consumer first buys with his eyes.


Various elements of the packaging can be changed, in order to seduce customers and differentiate the products from the competition on the shelves : typography, materials, printing quality, colors… All these are factors that a company needs to stand out from the competition directly on the shelves and specify its offer at a glance. For example, the company Vitapom’ was struggling with apple juice packaging that suggested products that were more artificial than natural. H2O communication has created a sleek packaging with a natural and refreshing look that stands out from the competition in store. As a result, Vitapom’ sales grew significantly.


Currently, some types of packaging are particularly appealing to consumers in stores:



It reflects the image of a “green” product thanks to its vegetal design, natural tones, the absence of unnecessary packaging, materials such as paper or cardboard… This type of packaging ideally reflects the company’s values.



This type of packaging is very modern and allows consumers to interact with the product. For example, a barcode on the packaging allows the customer to go directly to the brand’s website. Interactive packaging is powerful and remains firmly rooted in the minds of consumers.


Ergonomic design

Securing and reassuring for the customer, it clearly presents all product informations in addition to a simple and functional design.



It attracts the attention and stands out directly from the products placed nearby on the shelves. Some tones will inspire more or less positive emotions to the customer, so they should be selected carefully.



Playing on sober colours, transparency effects that reveal the product through the container, simple lines and a minimalist design, the sleek packaging continues to seduce customers and inspire the most famous brands


A packaging that attracts from the very first seconds and stays in the minds of consumers is a major factor in sales and, ideally, customer loyalty. It must be worked on with care and in harmony with the brand’s identity, reflecting its values while remaining up to date and attractive to customers.



Eager to modernize its brand image, Lunetterie Béland mandated H2O communication to create its new branding. This marketing operation had the goal to increase the company’s notoriety while standing out within competition. Moreover, in order to optimize its online presence to enhance customer experience, Lunetterie Béland also entrusted H2O with its new website’s programing.


The new branding, just as the rest of the communication tools that were created, needed to reflect the mission and the quality services Lunetterie Béland offers on a daily basis.


Following that idea, H2O communication first came up with the evolution of the company’s logo by modernizing it and making it more momentous, before taking care of the typography and the proportions around it.


Inspired by the logo and its round shape, H2O communication created a modern and unique new branding. The pictures that were selected for the website and various communication tools are also important branding elements. They show a wide range of people from various age groups, highlighting the company’s mission to offer quality frames to all.


H2O communication also came up with the corporate signature “Your vision for life”, a perfect illustration of Lunetterie Béland’s philosophy ; to accompany its clients from their youngest age and for the rest of their lives.


On top of the branding, H2O communication completely redesigned and programmed the new website, integrating the brand’s image to it. The arborescence and the design aim to enhance customer experience. The website now has keywords and was programmed to optimize SEO.


H2O communication created a branding corresponding to Lunetterie Béland’s image ; vibrant and distinctive. It is an accurate representation of the mission and the superior quality services the company has to offer. Thanks to its new branding, Lunetterie Béland stands out and expands its notoriety. Moreover, the new website allowed the company to increase the trafic on its website.



H2O communication has the privilege to welcome its new creative intern, coming straight from Belgium : Louis Laneau will be a graphic design intern for the next three months, as it will be completing his Master’s degree. Enjoy your stay Louis, and welcome !



A few months ago, H2O communication got mandated to create the packaging and branding of Gaïos, a Quebec-based company that specializes in cold-pressed juices and smoothies made from fresh products.


By creating the company’s entire branding –from the name to the communication tools, H2O was able to emphasize the company’s mission ; offering a wide range of natural and nutritious products, while tackling food waste. As a matter of fact, Gaïos uses unsold fruits and vegetables that became too mature for retail ; the more mature the fruit or vegetable, the more nutrients and taste it has.


The entire branding was a success, in the way that the company’s sales are doing very well. Well enough, actually, for Gaïos to launch a complete range of soups ! And, because good news rarely come alone, the company is also expanding throughout the country. H2O communication was then mandated to take care of the soup’s packaging too.


Just like their juices and smoothies, Gaïos’ soups are made from cold-pressed vegetables. This is why H2O communication kept the general direction of the company’s visual identity, with a consistent and synergetic variation to fit the new products, banking on vibrant colours and transparency. Every soup has a specific colour for its bottle, creating a contrast with the colour of the soup itself, but always in that bright and vivid way ; an integral part of Gaïos’ identity.


The see-through labels are a reminder of the company’s transparent policy; their products only contain fruits and vegetables, with no preservatives. They also allow the customer to see for themselves !


H2O communication is proud to contribute to Gaïos’ development. All their products are displayed in several points of sale across Quebec, including IGA, IGA Extra, Rachelle Bery, Marché Tradition, as well as all the branches of Première Moisson and Marché Tau. And, not to forget, these juices, smoothies and soups are also available in certain stores in the rest of Canada.



It’s no secret that the Super Bowl is one of the most watched TV events in North America. Since its first edition, the sporting event is also a cultural and advertising event. Each year, advertisers have 30 expensive seconds to unveil to the general public new and spectacular ads. Once again, last year, some ads stood out and won the hearts of the public. Think of Alexa losing her voice, Peter Dinklage’s lip sync battle for Doritos and Morgan Freeman for Mountain Dew.


While the Super Bowl remains a must-see television and advertising event, the sporting event has seen a slight drop of viewers in 2018. The advertising budget has also dropped from $ 534 million in 2017 to $ 419 million the following year. Remember that the average price for a broadcast of 30 seconds during the Super Bowl is $ 5 million. Some experts argue that this  decline is partly caused by the growing awareness that football is a dangerous sport.


However, with more than 100 million pairs of eyes glued to their screens each year (only in the United States), advertising investment can only be profitable. Almost half of the audience say they like to watch the commercials broadcast during the Big Game ! It’s more than any other program. This is not surprising since during these precious minutes of advertising, brands come out with outstanding campaigns created especially for the occasion. These campaigns are then adapted and broadcast on social medias. Then, they reach an even larger audience, all year long. Increasing even more the return on investment.


Some advertisers choose to unveil their campaigns before the Super Bowl to increase their visibility. Others, on the contrary, keep the suspense until the last minute to titillate the curiosity of viewers. 30-second spots are not the only forms of advertising around Super Bowl. Some brands with smaller advertising budgets still use the event to create incredible and ingenious campaigns. Think of the magnificent and effective Volvo Interception campaign that took place on Twitter in 2015.


A few days before the 2019 edition of the Super Bowl, we can not wait to see the new advertising masterpieces



Concrete link between brands and customers, the newsletter is an essential marketing tool. However, in order to achieve its objectives, it must be well written and harmonious in its content as in its form. Therefore, here are 5 tips for writing an effective newsletter !

Personalized content

This may seem obvious, but the first thing to do to write an effective newsletter is to provide personalized content that meets the needs and expectations of readers. Thus, data and information about customers is the key to the success of personalized newsletters. For example, a company with the purchase profile of its customers can send them customized newsletters. Thus, a customer interested exclusively in items on sale will receive content about it.


Human tone

In a technologically hyper-connected society, the human relationship becomes more and more valuable. Adopting a human tone allows the reader to guess the presence of the newsletter’s writer behind the screen. Thus, the company creates a real link of quality with its target clientele.

Great design

Headers, hooks, initials, logos, hyperlinks, photos … it’s about using the unique graphic codes of the company, whether to be identifiable or to make an impression. For the sake of efficiency, it is imperative to create responsive newsletters. It is also important to keep in mind that a newsletter is the extension of a website. Therefore, the newsletter must be in perfect symbiosis with the company’s website.

Ideal length

It is sometimes difficult to judge, with more or less precision, the size of a newsletter for maximum effectiveness. With images and adaptable content, a newsletter that is too short will not be taken seriously. As for a newsletter that is too long, it will tend to annoy the reader, who will not go to the end of the page. Outside advice may be helpful. The best solution is to be proofread before validating the final sending.

Great email subject

No matter the field, it’s important to use a creative and interesting email subject. It is the subject of the email that creates the reader’s first impression of a newsletter. Consumers are constantly bombarded with information. To stimulate the interest of readers, objects must stand out. What kind of object will make the reader want to open the email? Something personalized (Ex: Anna, we offer you …) for example, will be more eye-catching than a simple ‘10% discount just today!



Much more than just a graphic or advertising trend, minimalist communications is a major asset when it comes to branding and marketing. Whether it’s branding, advertising or a website, the minimalist factor is often synonymous with marketing effectiveness.


For example, when it comes to branding, think of big international brands like Apple, Starbucks or McDonalds. Over the years, these companies have simplified their logo ! Major brands are simplifying their logo and branding for several reasons. First, a simplified logo is much clearer and memorable for the consumer. Indeed, if a logo is simple and readable, it will be easier for the consumer to understand the message and to memorize it. The same goes for every element of the branding. In addition, a minimalist branding is more functional. Take the example of the logo. A minimalist logo is easier to apply on all communication tools. Whether on a cap, press pocket or pen, a minimalist logo is easier to print. Another advantage of a minimalist branding: timelessness. A minimalist branding remains effective and aesthetic for many years.


Minimalist communications are also effective in the advertising field. In a world where consumers are constantly solicited by advertising content, companies only have a few seconds to attract attention and send a message to the target. In this context, the minimalist aspect allows not only to stand out from the competition, but also to highlight the most important elements of advertising. In addition, by simplifying the textual and visual information, it easier for the consumer to assimilate the message.


In terms of web communication, the same principles prevail. Internet users spend more time on a website if it is easy to navigate. Thus, it is essential that the visual and textual information on the website is clear and concise. Hence the importance of minimalist communications. A minimalist design helps users to quickly understand the structure and content of the website. In addition, just like branding, a website with a sleek design will age better than one with many details.


Ultimately, opting for minimalist communications has many benefits. Much more than a trend, it is about ensuring effective and sustainable communication. It is for this reason that minimalist communications are part of H2O communication’s DNA.



We would like to thank the 237 applicants who applied for the full-time and  part-time graphic designer positions at H2O Communication. We are currently processing your applications. The interviews will begin January 14th for a period of 2 weeks. Thank you for your interest and good luck to all !