BIO LOVE, a new line of cosmetics from DRUIDE Laboratories and well-known artist France d’Amour, launched this morning. These certified organic, 100% non-toxic products are result of more than two years of research from DRUIDE Laboratories and special assistance from d’Amour. They called on H2O Communication to create the branding and packaging for the new collection. We came up with the BIO LOVE name, as well as the logo. We also developed sleek new packaging that conveys authenticity. And finally, H2O Communication produced a communications and marketing toolkit ranging from brochures to kiosks to support the launch of this new line of organic cosmetics.

DRUIDE Laboratories has been making natural, non-toxic personal care products since 1979. Their products are organic, eco-friendly and certified free of harmful substances. The company is proud to make their sustainable products in Quebec, and to craft them with a full appreciation for health and well-being.

The BIO LOVE line is made entirely in Quebec and sold at Pharmacies Jean Coutu, Avril Supermarchés Santé and Rachelle Béry. With strong, distinctive packaging, these products developed by DRUIDE in collaboration with France d’Amour are poised for success in the organic cosmetics segment. For more information, go to: or



OZHEO asked H2O Communication to develop its branding. Established and led by Marjorie Poitras, MBA, the new company specializes in executive-level coaching and succession management. We created the company name, logo, website, booth and communications tools. Our goal was to deliver a strong and professional impact that will speak to the senior management professionals that OZHEO is targeting. For more information, go to:



For more than 30 years, Distribution IRIS has been bringing haircare, professional colour and cosmetic products to market through various Canadian drugstore networks. They distribute to more than 2,300 points of sale across Canada. With a portfolio of well-established brands and extensive knowledge of the drugstore and big-box store market, Distribution Iris is a choice partner in positioning internationally renowned products.

Distribution Iris called on H2O Communication to recreate their branding from scratch, including a new logo, corporate brochure and website to support their online presence and enhance the brand’s reputation. We revamped their brand image and communications tools, ensuring the company would stand out from the competition. We also created a logo that fit perfectly with the refreshed branding. Distribution IRIS new enjoys improved online visibility, as do the various lines of products they distribute. The new branding, which is both professional and refined, emphasizes the quality of these products. The new website created by H2O Communication casts the brand in a modern, timeless light that will help attract new customers. For more information:



Founded in 1987, Bâtirente offers members of CSN-affiliated labour unions access to various pension plans tailored to their needs. This includes capitalization plans for active members and retirement benefit plans for retirees. These plans provide return/risk profiles that can be adjusted to members’ changing needs at the various stages of life. Bâtirente’s approach is to put the needs of members first and act in their best interest to help them prosper financially. Nearly 300 groups, primarily CSN-affiliated unions, have a Bâtirente retirement plan, and some 20,000 members use them to build their retirement financial security.

Bâtirente hired H2O Communication to help them increase their visibility by overhauling the organization’s branding. Specifically, they wanted the new branding to be both unique and memorable. We developed a new logo for the company, as well as communication tools including their stationery, annual report, website application and corporate presentations. By reflecting the quality of Bâtirente’s services, these tools were designed to enhance the company’s visibility and notoriety. Featuring the corporate colours, the new logo is modern, understated and reflects the company’s performance and expertise. It will help Bâtirente stand out from the competition and appeal to its current and potential customer base, which is diverse and multicultural.

This professional and impactful design has refreshed Bâtirente’s image and boosted the company’s visibility and notoriety. The new branding reinforces Bâtirente’s position as an industry expert and will contribute to the company’s growth. For more information, go to:



Prasad Ayurveda is a company that produces high-quality organic foods based on Ayurveda, a 100% natural form of traditional medicine from India. The company develops products like Prasad Ayurveda ghee, 100% Canadian clarified butter that challenges the coconut oil market.

When Prasad decided it wanted to increase awareness of its brand, the company hired H2O Communication to refresh the brand image, making it stronger and more memorable. We updated the entire visual identity and designed a new transactional website that showcases Prasad Ayurveda products and allows for better natural referencing.

Prasad Ayurveda products now make a strong impact in stores and stand out from the competition. The refined packaging design emphasizes the quality of the products and conveys an authentic, professional image. The website includes an e-commerce section, allowing customers to place online orders with ease. The combination of the transactional website and the new communications tools has resulted in better natural referencing for the brand—and we’re very pleased to have played a role in this achievement. For more information:



Club Soya is a brand new restaurant located near the Entertainment District and Berri-UQAM metro station. Open for lunch and dinner, it serves up Asian fusion cuisine with a Quebecois twist in an atmosphere that’s both trendy and cozy. Their unique takes on Asian classics were created by successful business owner Geneviève Everell, who has already made a name for herself with one-of-a-kind sushi recipes. Before opening, the restaurant asked H2O Communication to develop their branding and ensure a strong, modern and hip result. We came up with the business name and produced the logo, website and other communications tools.

We chose the name “Club Soya” because it underscores the restaurant’s originality, reflects its modern Asian fare, and promises to pique consumers’ curiosity. The name is simple, concise and easy to remember. For the branding, we opted for a timeless and original look that would leave a lasting impression on customers. Turquoise is used to evoke the sea—and all the scrumptious seafood we derive from it. The website that we designed and programmed for Club Soya is responsive and well-referenced, just like all the sites we create. The design whets viewers’ appetites by emphasizing the fresh ingredients that go into every dish. Finally, all the communication tools we created are aligned with the restaurant’s brand and convey its creative and singular personality.

Club Soya was an instant hit thanks to its mouth-watering dishes and warm, contemporary décor. The opening was covered by the media, including trend-watcher blogs like The Huffington Post and Zest. There’s no doubt that the strong, modern branding we created helped Club Soya become the success it is today. We wish it continued success for the years to come. For more information:



To support its expansion, Capilex hired H2O Communication to create a new, more modern and well-referenced website. We started with Capilex’s brand image and use of corporate colours to create a highly professional and timeless design. The new design reflects the company’s position as a leader in its field.

Capilex offers high-end hair products for discerning clients in professional salons. The company is known for its expertise and has become a leader in haircare product and equipment distribution. The new website features a Client Access section that makes it easier to interact with current customers and the brands that Capilex distributes. The site also provides product information and social media links. We were delighted to work on this project with Capilex. More than 200 positive comments about the company website ( and Facebook page ( were shared. Check them out for yourself!



Aloha Espresso Bar is a Hawaiian coffee shop that has just opened in Old Montréal. We had the opportunity to create the brand image and identity for this tropical spot. The welcoming café offers various local finds, like acai bowls, succulent sandwiches and coffees with uniquely Hawaiian aromas. Everything is served with an “Aloha” in a setting that sets your mind sailing to the Pacific Islands. To ensure a successful launch and an image that would stand the test of time, Aloha Espresso Bar needed original branding that would leave its mark in people’s minds. H20 Communication was brought in to create a fresh and youthful brand that would give Aloha Espresso Bar an unmistakeable visual image and signature. Our job was to come up with an outstanding visual identity that was aligned with the coffee shop’s décor. Our challenge was to balance the quality of their products with the fun and cool qualities of the café’s design.

What did we do? We produced a logo using the corporate colours and developed the signature, packaging, signage and promotional items. The branding we created was inspired by the café’s physical location and products. The result was high quality, colourful and bright! We ensured that the logo represented both coffee and the Hawaiian Islands. Since pineapple is popular in the Pacific Islands, we decided to merge this fruit with a coffee mug for a unique hybrid logo that combines Aloha’s two key symbols. The pineapple-esque coffee mug is shown in a vibrant yellow that speaks to its tropical roots. This shade of yellow was chosen for the new café’s corporate colour. Packaging was specially designed to reflect Aloha’s colour palette. Aloha Espresso Bar was an instant hit as soon as it opened thanks to the impactful and singular image produced by H20 Communications. Local media immediately sung the praises of the new establishment, with positive reviews published in popular Montreal blogs like Nightlife CA and MTL blog. There’s no doubt that this coffee shop is off to a great start and H20 Communication is pleased as (Hawaiian) punch to have played a role in its success.



We’re proud to present the project we carried out for DRUIDE, an organic cosmetics brand established in 1979 in the heart of Quebec’s Appalachian Mountains. DRUIDE aims to produce 100% natural, Ecocert-certified products that balance a respect for tradition, the Earth and human beings. That’s why their products are made with certified organic ingredients and their formulas are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

DRUIDE asked H2O Communication revamp the look of their Pur & Pure line of hypoallergenic products. After reflecting on the strategy and performing a market analysis, we decided to develop a new logo as a starting point for the branding exercise. Both elegant and modern, the new logo is the perfect reflection of the line. It features a green leaf to represent the products’ natural components. The logo was added to the new simple and streamlined packaging, which H20 Communication also developed to reflect the quality of the products.

The new packaging elicited positive feedback as soon as it was unveiled. Not only did it appeal to their loyal customers, it also attracted new ones, especially via social media. In short, we were very pleased to work with a company that’s sensitive to the environment and to its customers’ well-being. DRUIDE’s line of products for sensitive skin now has a more organic and natural image. The new packaging is sure to age well over time and continue appealing to consumers.



Hey! We’re looking for a full-time phone operator/receptionist (35 hrs/week). The minimum education requirement is a high-school diploma. Good French (written and spoken). English an asset (written and spoken). Familiarity with Word / Excel / Outlook / PowerPoint. Strong communications skills, diplomacy and interpersonal skills. Duties: answer incoming calls, make outgoing client calls, follow up with clients, perform other administrative tasks. If you’re dynamic, enthusiastic and looking to work in a creative environment, send your resume to: