G.M. Collin_nouvelle


H2O communication is proud to launch one of its recent realizations : the new branding of G.M. Collin.

G.M. Collin hired H2O Communication to develop their new brand image as well as their brochure, promotional bags and posters. Their goal was to emphasize the superior quality and effectiveness of their products, while reinforcing the company’s reputation. H2O Communication was also tasked with developing their graphic standards and corporate tagline.


Obviously, the new branding and all related communications tools needed to reflect the superior quality of G.M. Collin products. H2O Communication decided to use black and white photos to give their new branding an elegant and timeless look. Close-up shots allow the target audience to better identify with the brand. H2O Communication also created the corporate tagline “La recherche au service de la beauté(Research serving beauty). This signature effectively represents G.M. Collin’s scientific work looking into properties that can to improve the health and appearance of skin.


H2O created a new brand image for G.M. Collin that effectively conveys its distinctive, high-end personality. The new branding reflects the company’s expertise and the superior quality of G.M. Collin’s skincare products. The new brand image has enabled G.M. Collin to distinguish itself from the competition and enhance its reputation at several international trade shows. In fact, the new brand image developed by H2O Communication was unveiled at major industry events in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. The new esthetic was very well received by the industry at these events.We will be watching their progress!



Impressive results for the advertising campaign for the CISSSME


Wishing to recruit staff in numerous departments, the CISSS of Montérégie-Est chose H2O communication for the realization of its advertising campaign.


So, H2O communication performed an analysis of the situation to clearly define the goals and plan the best possible positioning for the online and print ad campaign. H2O also examined current media and decided which new communication channels would be most effective for reaching the target audience, especially young graduates in the healthcare field. The agency also monitored processes and the effects of the media strategy to ensure the campaign is as successful as possible.


After analyzing existing information, H2O Communication developed a vibrant and refreshing ad campaign designed to pique the interest of a young audience. The campaign focuses on strategic communications channels, including social media and various online platforms. The campaign included Google AdWords, programmatic marketing, remarketing and much more. It targets students in the healthcare and other fields, and will therefore reach a broad audience. We used direct statements to speak to these youth who, for the most part, are already thinking about their future and career path.


The ad campaign developed by H2O Communication was very successful! Our banners were viewed more than 900,000 times and generated more than 12,500 clicks!


Then, the second phase of the advertising campaign was also a big hit. The generated results widely surpassed the objectives fixed in terms of printings and commitments, on all the platforms of broadcasting. Our advertisements were seen 1 196 000 times and generated more than 20 200 clicks!


We can safely say that the modern and refreshed visuals combined with the direct statements from viewers and online users were effective in reaching the target audience. The new ad campaign is something the CISSSME and H2O Communication can be proud of!



Top 5 packaging trends in 2018


Product packaging has to hit several marketing objectives all at once. It’s not just a matter of protecting contents and keeping them fresh. Packaging needs to nab consumers’ attention and win buyers over, almost immediately. That’s why brands put so much effort into creating original and attractive packaging solutions. Since a package represents the product, brand and market, each packaging is unique. But since packaging is also a marketing tool, we often see trends come and go. Here are five hot product packaging trends in 2018.


Vintage designs

Vintage designs have made a serious comeback in several different fields. Old-school appeal is resurfacing in restaurants, home décor, fashion and product packaging. Vintage shapes and labels are giving certain product packages an original, distinctive edge. Vintage designs are useful for telling a product’s story and encouraging consumers to relive past memories.

Big font

Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with information. This means that packaging needs to quickly deliver a clear and simple message. One way to do that is to use large font for the key message, which includes the logo, product name and product advantages. These components should be big enough to grab the consumer’s attention and convey the message in a flash.



Increasingly, we’re seeing product packages with sketch-type graphics to give products a fun, youthful personality. This strategy makes a product seem accessible to all consumers. Sketches can also convey a handmade and/or natural image, which is in high demand in some fields.


Minimalist designs

The minimalist trend has been around for quite some time in the design field, and we don’t expect it to disappear any time soon. Consumers tend to respond positively to simple, pretty packaging. Minimalist packaging emphasizes keywords and trims away any non-essential information to keep the message clear.


Pastel colours

Pastel colours are all the rage this year and light tones are popping up on all types of product packages. This choice helps attract the consumer’s eye and can also connote that a product is fresh, natural and innocent.

Campagne Charton-Hobbs


Great ad campaign for Charton-Hobbs

A few months ago, Charton-Hobbs, one of the oldest agencies in the field of wines and spirits in asked H2O communication to carry out an advertising campaign. The objective of this marketing campaign was to promote the products of four Italian vineyards through a campaign that was held in concert with the very popular chef Stefano Faita.


The advertising campaign carried out by H2O communication combined various communication tools including a newsletter, a brochure and several posters. The posters have been exhibited in various SAQ. The design of promotional visuals created by H2O communication was original and memorable. All the visuals capitalized on the reputation of the chef Stefano Faita, as well as on the beautiful landscapes of the vineyards of Italy. Also, the four Italian vineyards Beni di Batasiolo, San Felice, Pasqua and Fiol have been put forward, in order to encourage the consumer to try these delicious wines with the flavors of Italy and to remember the brands in question.


While some posters promoted a contest, others shared the delicious dishes concocted by Chef Stefano as part of his collaboration with Charton-Hobbs. Obviously, the dishes were a perfect pairing with the Italian wines of the vineyards in question. Another poster promoted a tasting event that took place at the end of March at SAQ Beaubien with Charton-Hobbs team and Stefano Faita.


Thanks to the various communication tools created by the agency H2O communication as part of this advertising campaign, Charton-Hobbs was in a very good position to promote the four great vineyards Beni di Batasiolo, San Felice, Pasqua and Fiol. Moreover, the tasting of the month of March at the SAQ was a great success.



Launch of the branding and the packaging of Gaïos

H2O communication is proud to proceed to the unveiling of one of its new realizations today. The agency created the name and realized the branding, the packagings as well as the communications tools of Gaïos. Indeed, the company from Quebec specialized in the field of products made with fruit and cold-pressed vegetables, chose H2O communication for this important project.


The company wanted a branding that reprenseted the superior quality of its products as well as the benefits of juices and smoothies cold-pressed, while distancing itself from the competition. Thanks to this marketing operation, Gaïos also wanted to position itself as the ultimate reference in the field of the cold-pressed. So, the name and the branding had to be appealing to the distributors and the consumers.


To propose a name and an effective and distinctive branding, H2O communication realized an exhaustive strategic reflection. Thanks to this exercise, H2O communication created a name, a logo as well as a dynamic and colourful branding, representing the expertise of the company as well as its specialization in the food domain of cold-pressed fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the name and the logo, just like the visual identity and the new packagings reflect the positioning of the mark Gaïos: it’s true, it is pure, it is fresh! “.


Another important element of the brand image is the emphasis ont the mission of the company. Besides offering more nourishing and natural products, Gaïos fights against food wasting. Therefore, H2O communication createdthe descriptor: at Gaïos, we save the fruits, we press it cold and we drink it without fla-fla.

Obviously, the packagings of Gaïos and all the communications tools created by H2O communication reflect the branding realized for the mark. The bottles, the brochure, the kiosk and all the communications tools of Gaïos are dynamic and distinctive, colored.


The results of this initiative were immediate. Even before the official launch of the branding and the packagings, Gaïos had already caught the attention of several distributors. Gaïos products can be found at certain locations of IGA, IGA Extra, Rachelle-Béry and Marché Tradition, as well as all Première Moisson, Marché Tau and La Moisson outlets. Select Gaïos products can be enjoyed at the Casino de Montréal. Finally, Gaïos products are available at more than 100 fine food boutiques, independent grocers and cafés throughout Montréal.


We will be watching their progress!


N.B.:  For confidentiality reasons, this case study does not contain all the images from the initiative.



A new effective packaging for Prasad Ayurveda

A few months ago, Prasad Ayurveda asked H2O communication to do its new branding, its packagings and its Web site. The goal of this operation was to modernize and strengthen the brand image, ensuring it is memorable and stands out from the competition. As for the packaging, the goal was to differentiate itself from other brands while continuing to reflect the company’s roots.


H2O Communication revamped the brand identity to bring it up to par with the product quality and to ensure that the presentation is as impactful as possible. The transactional website we developed is also more effective and modern. It features pictures of meals made with ghee to appeal to users and aid with product comprehension. The combination of this website and the new communication tools naturally lead to better referencing.


For the packaging, H2O Communication produced a refined design that elevates the brand and reflects the quality of its products. Thanks to the high-end, professional look, the new packages effectively stand out from the competition.


With a new brand image, packaging and website, Prasad Ayurveda and Prasad Gourmet products now make a strong impact in stores and online.The website includes an e-commerce section, allowing customers to place online orders with ease.In addition, the new packaging designed by H2O generated impressive results at retailers in just a few months. Since their release, the newly packaged products have been flying off the shelves so fast that Prasad Ayurveda ghee is now the top seller in its category. Prasad is now available at 600 points of sale across the country, including 250 Provigo/Loblaws locations and the brand has been given increased shelf space.


This incredible improvement just goes to show that a distinctive and professional brand image and packaging are essential marketing tools and growth drivers. H2O Communication is proud of the work we did for Prasad Ayurveda, helping the company on its path to success.



3 Tips for Effective Newsletters


Between social networks, websites and mobile apps, businesses have several channels to connect with their audiences. E‑blasts are still a great way to boost loyalty among your current clients and reach new ones. By including email marketing in your strategy, you can generate serious returns on your investment. But to make that happen, your newsletters need to be carefully crafted. Here are three tips for truly effective newsletters.


Create detailed lists

Most email marketing platforms allow you to create registration forms and import personalized lists. Detailed mailing lists allow you to create a complete profile for each subscriber. This can include their name, age, birth date, interests and geographic area. By building detailed lists, you can send personalized content to your subscribers and effectively segment your campaigns to increase both the open rate and conversion rate.


Invest in your newsletter design

If you want results, your newsletter has to look slick. To begin with, the design should be aligned with your brand image so that consumers immediately know who the newsletter is from. Beyond that, the content should be easy to read and understand. For example, readers shouldn’t have to scroll down too far, even if they’re using a mobile device.


Use catchy email subject lines

Since we all receive too many emails, the average user only opens 52% of the messages they get every day. In order to increase the open rate for your newsletter, make sure the email subject line is catchy. Think of phrases that are short and intriguing, and don’t forget to include a call-to-action or the advantage offered to the reader.


Obviously, there are many more details that go into impactful newsletters. For example, you want to time your mail-out just right and make sure the content is relevant to your audience. Since newsletters are an effective way for companies to get profitable results for a minimal investment, it makes sense to put time and energy into developing your email marketing strategy.



H2O Communication is pleased to unveil its most recent accomplishment, a new brand identity and website for Vizad Media.


With more than 10 years of success to its name, the visual communications firm hired H2O Communication to refresh its brand image and develop its online presence. Vizad Media hopes this initiative will help the company, which specializes in giant ad panels and billboards, reach its growth targets.


H2O Communication started with an in-depth strategic exploration before repositioning the brand and changing its name to Vizad Media. Not only is the new moniker memorable, it also effectively conveys the firm’s expertise and services.


To strengthen the company’s new positioning and enhance its reputation, H2O Communication developed a brand esthetic that is both modern and distinctive. It reflects the professionalism and experience that Vizad Media has gained over the years in large-scale ad panels and billboards. In particular, the corporate colours were specifically chosen to differentiate the company from its competitors. The logo and other components of the brand image symbolize solidity and reliability, two qualities that define Vizad Media and its products.


H2O Communication also created a new website to boost Vizad Media’s online presence. Each page of the website is obviously aligned with the firm’s new visual identity. Navigating the website is intuitive, making it easy to see the various products and services that Vizad Media offers. Finally, the new website creates a stronger connection between users and the company.


H2O Communication pulled out all the stops to develop the new branding and website, which now effectively reflect Vizad Media’s expertise and services.





Why is packaging important?


On average, consumers take just three seconds to choose one product over another at the point of sale. That’s why it’s so important for a product to be able to attract attention and convince the buyer in a flash. It’s also why brands focus so much on product packaging as a marketing tool. Not only does packaging protect the goods inside, it also helps a brand meet various marketing needs.


Packaging that drives purchases

Product packaging has a real impact on sales. Brightly coloured or unusually shaped boxes or bags will nab the buyer’s attention, making it more likely that they will pick it up. Once a consumer has an item in their hand, there’s a strong chance it will be chosen over rival products—provided that the packaging is informative and inspires confidence.


Packaging that strengthens your brand image

A product’s package is your brand’s representative at the point of sale. The logo, colours and design all bolster your brand’s reputation. Over time, the combination of elements on a product package leaves a lasting impression on the minds of consumers, allowing them to spot the brand quickly. A good example is the classic glass Coca-Cola bottle. Even if you remove the product name, you can still identify the brand with ease.


Packaging that boosts customer loyalty

Practical packaging can improve the consumer experience and make customers more loyal to your brand. When a package is easy to hold or does a better job of preserving its contents, it improves the overall experience and increase the chances that the consumer will buy your product again. The visual appeal of the packaging also helps promote repeat purchases. For example, some brands create special edition packaging for certain items. When the result is a veritable work of art, consumers may be interested in collecting a whole series.


One thing is for sure: creative and distinctive packaging can enhance the brand image of any product or company. Since it leads to increased sales, packaging is an important part of any marketing strategy.



5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Meeting with a Marketing Agency


All companies, regardless of size or industry, need a marketing strategy. And for various reasons, many businesses choose to hire marketing agencies to get the job done.


But before you can build a successful relationship with an agency, you have to start with a good brief. To make sure you get the best possible results, there are specific questions you should ask before meeting with an external team of communications professionals and hiring them to develop your marketing strategy or campaign.


Here are five questions you should ask yourself before sitting down with a marketing firm.


What are your goals?

Identifying your marketing goals is an essential step prior to starting a conversation with an agency. Are you looking to boost your reputation, increase sales, promote new products, etc.? By listing measurable goals for the short and long terms, you’ll help the marketing agency pinpoint the best strategies for you.


What are your needs?

Knowing your real needs is equally important. Are you looking for a new brand image, media strategy or website? You should also decide whether you’re looking for consulting services or turnkey services.


What sets your company apart?

Write down the qualities that distinguish your business from the competition and bring the list to your first meeting. This will give the agency’s team a better understanding of your company and line of work—which is useful for guiding their art direction.


What is your budget?

There’s no question that having a clear idea about your budget limits is crucial before you meet with a marketing agency. This information will help the agency tailor its proposal and offer you an effective marketing campaign that’s in line with your budget.


What’s the timeframe for your project?

Inform the agency of your scheduling needs right from the get-go, and they will let you know whether it’s realistic or not. It will also help their team come up with a plan that balances your marketing goals with your timing needs.


By asking yourself these five questions before sitting down to talk to an agency, you’ll enable the external firm to focus their strategic planning on the aspects that matter most to you. With the right information, the agency will be better positioned to develop campaigns that offer a strong return on investment.