Since the 1990s, the public is gradually becoming aware of the impact of over-consumption and over-use of natural resources on the environment. Faced with this major problem, individuals are changing their consumption patterns to make them more responsible and sustainable.


Although consumers are still very attentive to price, the quality of the products and the transparency of their compositions are increasingly sought. Buyers are willing to pay more if the quality is present and the main health characteristics are explicitly given (presence or not of pesticides, Gmos…).

Currently, local and natural products, called “premium”, from small or medium-sized enterprises are favoured on the basis of industrial products or “first prices”, which are often perceived to be of low quality. Private labels are looking to renew themselves in order to offer customers innovative and good quality products.


This trend affects branding : companies decide to focus their brand image around the quality and nature of their products. In fact, packaging is increasingly simple and often transparent to show the product and give an impression of transparency on its composition.


In addition, a principle of collaborative economy is developing, especially in families and friendly relations, with a redistribution of goods not used by one, which would be used for the other but also on trading, bartering or selling platforms such as Kijiji or flea markets.


The rental principle is also spreading, and just as well, in order to allow consumers to use an asset without owning it, as is the case for example with the Bixi bikes available in Montreal.


Consumption patterns have also changed at the purchasing level as consumers spend less time in stores and value online purchases, with delivery times becoming shorter and shorter.

Digitisation, which includes the growth of social networks, also plays an important role in the decision to purchase, since 80% of consumers do preliminary searches on the Internet before purchasing a product or service.


To counter this competition, stores improve and increase the number of services on site to attract consumers and offer them a unique experience : new products, theatrisation of the offer (tasting stands, presentation, manufacturing…), new services (drives, deliveries…). On the other hand, the majority of individuals continue to shop for food and pharmaceuticals.


To conclude, individuals are now turning to the desire to “eat better” by purchasing healthy, local products. More generally, consumers are therefore seeking to waste less, buy wisely and avoid over-consumption.



The agency H2O communication has recently been given the mandate of the creation and programming of a website on behalf of Caisse Desjardins du Réseau de la santé, the specialized group in the field of health, social services and life sciences for Desjardins. Serving exclusively students, professionals and retirees in the health sector, its team is made up of advisors who know the reality of the environment, its constraints and its opportunities. Their mission is to offer them services and personalized support by expert advisors and a Health Team at the service of local entrepreneurs (clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, etc.).


It is to reach this clientele that the Caisse wanted a site in its image that presented its services and its involvement in the field. It is with this in mind that H2O created and programmed on behalf of la Caisse Desjardins du Réseau de la Santé a new website.


H2O communication first conducted a strategic reflection to determine what was the best positioning for the brand Caisse du Réseau de la Santé. Obviously, the design of the website created had to put forward the human and relational aspect proposed by the team of the Caisse. The aim was also to represent the various professions arising from health, social services and life sciences, so that everyone would feel involved by the services of the Caisse. The website should therefore inspire confidence in the potential members of the Caisse.


Ultimately, the new website created and programmed by H2O communication perfectly integrates the positioning of the Caisse Desjardins du Réseau de la Santé brand and represents its mission to serve students, professionals and retirees in the health, social services and life sciences sectors. With its new website, the Caisse has all the tools it needs to make itself known, to reach potential new members and strengthen its reputation in the field. N’hésitez pas à le visiter : It’s a case to follow.



Dear customers, suppliers and partners,
In this tumultuous time, H2O communication takes note of the provincial and federal recommendations regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus while continuing to offer all its services in strategy, branding, advertising, web, social media and packaging. All of our related services and teams are still active.
In order to comply with government recommendations or for family reasons, we are homeworking. On this day we are not behind in our deliverables.
For any questions or communication needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to respond. You will see the same professional and thoughtful work from our marketing and creative teams. If any changes apply, we will notify you via our social networks.
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Content marketing is a strategic brand marketing approach that engages the creation and dissemination of relevant, high-quality media content that delivers real value to the targeted audience, This is done in order to attract and retain it so that it ultimately becomes an active and profitable customer or consumer for the company.

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Social networks are nowadays an essential communication channel for any company. In the age of the “hyper-connected consumer”, companies must adapt to the new habits if they want to increase their notoriety and stand out from the competition. This marketing asset allows many advantages that we will now detail.

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Founded in 1981, Ridha Cosmetics is specialized in the creation of professional products and treatments for face and body. Striving to promote the superior quality of their products and care, while strengthening the company’s reputation and modernizing the company’s image, Ridha Cosmétiques has entrusted the agency H2O communication with the development of its branding and the creation of its new website. In addition, the agency was given the mandate of producing all communication tools such as a kiosk, roll-up, posters, magazine advertisements, stationery and the company’s website. Then, H2O communication also created the new corporate signature of Ridha Cosmetics.

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Every year has its own trend.


Today branding design is seen as a way to stand out, but that’s not its only role. Among other things, it helps to attract attention, to transmit a message, to encourage recognition or even to seduce. But be careful, the best practices to adopt are those of timelessness.

To better understand branding trends and get a head start on the competition, here is a brief overview of what is already being done in 2020 :

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Benchmarking or competitive search?

Created in the early 1980s by Xerox, benchmarking is now widespread in the corporate world. It’s a marketing technique that involves studying and analyzing the methods of other companies in order to learn from them and to get the best out of them. While remaining clear on the limits of these sources of inspiration, benchmarking makes it possible to be more competitive and to position oneself in relation to direct competition. It is a continuous process of research, comparative analysis, adaptation and implementation of best practices to improve its performance and be responsive to market developments.

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Why settle for still images when the trend is to animate content? More communicating, catchy and engaging, small promotional videos animate your posts and make your marketing emails and social media content more attractive. Various studies have also shown that a message with videos or Gifs animation gets more clicks and generates a greater conversion.

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Packaging is a real tool of proximity with the consumer.

Beyond fulfilling its technical functions (protection, good conservation, or storage of the product) the packaging must help the brand in its marketing strategy and make the product emerge in the shelves. More than a simple food packaging, the packaging carries the brand image. So how to make people hungry in stores?

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