We offer you our best wishes for health, serenity and prosperity ! May the New Year be synonymous with accomplishment and success.

The holiday season is also the perfect time to take a break. Please note that our offices will be closed from December 21st, 2017 to January 5th, 2018, inclusively.



Last week in Paris, H2O Communication unveiled the new visual identity and website we created for Humania BPO.

Humania BPO hired us to create their brand image and develop their new website. The goal was to showcase their professionalism and human-centred approach while enhancing their online presence.

Humania BPO specializes in outsourcing customer care. They help businesses optimize their operations and leverage digital technologies to connect with customers. To reflect the company’s field of expertise, we produced a friendly and modern visual identity that put interpersonal interactions at the forefront, while keeping a reference to digital communications.
Also, since Humania BPO has operations in North America, Europe and Africa, we ensured the branding was both timeless and international to effectively position the company as an industry leader.

In addition to providing an overview of the company’s services, the website underscores the company’s status as an expert in French-language communications, local and remote customer contact centres, and the migration of traditional customer contact centres toward digital ecosystems.

The website design makes it easy for users from around the world to connect with the company.

Our creative team went the extra mile to develop a seamless brand image and web platform reflecting Humania BPO’s services, expertise and aspirations. We’re proud of the work we did to strengthen our client’s position as an international leader in the customer service outsourcing field.

For more information about Humania BPO and their services, check out their new website.



Did you recognize chef Stefano Faita? We had the pleasure of working with this renowned Montreal chef when we created advertising posters for Charton Hobbs.

As part of this campaign, Stefano Faita helped Charton Hobbs promote Italian wines and the country where they are made. More specifically, the campaign encourages the public to explore Italian cuisine by finding the perfect Italian wines to accompany their favourite dishes. You can see this campaign and the incredible selection of Italian wines that Charton Hobbs represents at your local SAQ outlet or on their website.

For Charton Hobbs, this campaign is an opportunity to showcase the fine wine and prosecco produced by Batasiolo Vini, FIOL Prosecco, Pasqua and San Felice.

Charton Hobbs was founded in 1988 when two well-known family businesses merged. Today, it is one of Canada’s longest-standing and largest suppliers of wine, spirits and beer.

For more information about Charton Hobbs, go to their website.

conference_strategies pie


On November 29 and 30, H2O Communication participated in the Stratégies PME event for the fifth consecutive year. The conference was held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

In addition to participating as an exhibitor, H2O Communication offered branding-related gifts to small business owners.

We would like to congratulate Isabelle Boismenu, our Sales & Marketing Manager, on giving an excellent presentation in front of a full house on the first day of the event. Her presentation was entitled “Talking big: How to develop a corporate image that rivals that of bigger organizations.”

Attendees learned a lot about branding and industry best practices at the event. One area that people came away knowing more about was how corporate logos are developed.

Branding and logos have a major effect on how customers view your company—and consequently, these factors affect your bottom line. By maintaining a healthy brand image, your company can retain or even improve its resale value.

These days, brands are much more important in our lives than we think. Customers buy a brand before buying a product or service.

Effective branding can help your company stand out from the competition and increase its credibility in the eyes of customers. Your brand should convey the right information and speak to your target audience. Don’t say that you’re a high-end brand, prove it. Don’t claim to be at the forefront of technology, imply it. This approach is much more effective, credible and profitable!

For more information, talk to our branding experts or have a look at our case studies.

We’d also like to congratulate Stratégies PME on a job well done. Once again this year, several notable leaders came out to the event, which has become an essential meeting for small businesses operating across the province. More than 5,500 business leaders attend annually thanks to the quality speakers at the conference. The 6th edition of Stratégies PME was a resounding success!

For more information, go to their website.



Hey! We’re looking for part-time and full-time graphic designers. Must have completed studies in graphic design and have 2 to 4 years of experience. Passionate, creative, dedicated, calm under pressure and able to refresh your repertoire. Assets include being organized, demonstrating initiative, working quickly, being versatile and resourceful. Comply with briefs and meet deadlines. Prepare final files for printing or web design. Proficient with

Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. If you’re dynamic, enthusiastic and looking to work in a creative environment, send your resume to:



BIO LOVE, a new line of cosmetics from DRUIDE Laboratories and well-known artist France d’Amour, launched this morning. These certified organic, 100% non-toxic products are result of more than two years of research from DRUIDE Laboratories and special assistance from d’Amour. They called on H2O Communication to create the branding and packaging for the new collection. We came up with the BIO LOVE name, as well as the logo. We also developed sleek new packaging that conveys authenticity. And finally, H2O Communication produced a communications and marketing toolkit ranging from brochures to kiosks to support the launch of this new line of organic cosmetics.

DRUIDE Laboratories has been making natural, non-toxic personal care products since 1979. Their products are organic, eco-friendly and certified free of harmful substances. The company is proud to make their sustainable products in Quebec, and to craft them with a full appreciation for health and well-being.

The BIO LOVE line is made entirely in Quebec and sold at Pharmacies Jean Coutu, Avril Supermarchés Santé and Rachelle Béry. With strong, distinctive packaging, these products developed by DRUIDE in collaboration with France d’Amour are poised for success in the organic cosmetics segment. For more information, go to: or



OZHEO asked H2O Communication to develop its branding. Established and led by Marjorie Poitras, MBA, the new company specializes in executive-level coaching and succession management. We created the company name, logo, website, booth and communications tools. Our goal was to deliver a strong and professional impact that will speak to the senior management professionals that OZHEO is targeting. For more information, go to:



For more than 30 years, Distribution IRIS has been bringing haircare, professional colour and cosmetic products to market through various Canadian drugstore networks. They distribute to more than 2,300 points of sale across Canada. With a portfolio of well-established brands and extensive knowledge of the drugstore and big-box store market, Distribution Iris is a choice partner in positioning internationally renowned products.

Distribution Iris called on H2O Communication to recreate their branding from scratch, including a new logo, corporate brochure and website to support their online presence and enhance the brand’s reputation. We revamped their brand image and communications tools, ensuring the company would stand out from the competition. We also created a logo that fit perfectly with the refreshed branding. Distribution IRIS new enjoys improved online visibility, as do the various lines of products they distribute. The new branding, which is both professional and refined, emphasizes the quality of these products. The new website created by H2O Communication casts the brand in a modern, timeless light that will help attract new customers. For more information:



Founded in 1987, Bâtirente offers members of CSN-affiliated labour unions access to various pension plans tailored to their needs. This includes capitalization plans for active members and retirement benefit plans for retirees. These plans provide return/risk profiles that can be adjusted to members’ changing needs at the various stages of life. Bâtirente’s approach is to put the needs of members first and act in their best interest to help them prosper financially. Nearly 300 groups, primarily CSN-affiliated unions, have a Bâtirente retirement plan, and some 20,000 members use them to build their retirement financial security.

Bâtirente hired H2O Communication to help them increase their visibility by overhauling the organization’s branding. Specifically, they wanted the new branding to be both unique and memorable. We developed a new logo for the company, as well as communication tools including their stationery, annual report, website application and corporate presentations. By reflecting the quality of Bâtirente’s services, these tools were designed to enhance the company’s visibility and notoriety. Featuring the corporate colours, the new logo is modern, understated and reflects the company’s performance and expertise. It will help Bâtirente stand out from the competition and appeal to its current and potential customer base, which is diverse and multicultural.

This professional and impactful design has refreshed Bâtirente’s image and boosted the company’s visibility and notoriety. The new branding reinforces Bâtirente’s position as an industry expert and will contribute to the company’s growth. For more information, go to:



Prasad Ayurveda is a company that produces high-quality organic foods based on Ayurveda, a 100% natural form of traditional medicine from India. The company develops products like Prasad Ayurveda ghee, 100% Canadian clarified butter that challenges the coconut oil market.

When Prasad decided it wanted to increase awareness of its brand, the company hired H2O Communication to refresh the brand image, making it stronger and more memorable. We updated the entire visual identity and designed a new transactional website that showcases Prasad Ayurveda products and allows for better natural referencing.

Prasad Ayurveda products now make a strong impact in stores and stand out from the competition. The refined packaging design emphasizes the quality of the products and conveys an authentic, professional image. The website includes an e-commerce section, allowing customers to place online orders with ease. The combination of the transactional website and the new communications tools has resulted in better natural referencing for the brand—and we’re very pleased to have played a role in this achievement. For more information: