Why settle for still images when the trend is to animate content? More communicating, catchy and engaging, small promotional videos animate your posts and make your marketing emails and social media content more attractive. Various studies have also shown that a message with videos or Gifs animation gets more clicks and generates a greater conversion.


Don’t miss it, then! Among other things, they are very useful for:
– show your product in action
– present your product from different angles
– display in different colors or formats
– express an emotion, such as the satisfaction of using your product
It is much more effective than a series of photos and you are much more sure to capture your target than with a long list of words!


Promotional videos also help strengthen your brand image, create a closer relationship with your customers, support a focus on societal marketing or simply stand out from your competitors. It is therefore essential to understand the importance of video marketing for your company in order to use it wisely.


H2O communication recently applied this principle for Lunetterie Béland, creating a short promotional, dynamic and original video showing the wide choice of frame that the brand offers.


Feel free to view it:


If your video is attractive and impactful, the customer will get a better idea of your business or product. This format gives you the opportunity to express your creativity in order to refine your marketing speech and engage with Internet users in the first few seconds of viewing. Whether you choose the video format or a Gifs, feel free to insert an important message to highlight it or a button that calls for action; it will attract attention and encourage your prospect to click. For Lunetterie Béland, the message appears at the end, indicating that in addition to a wide range of products, they have a large number of branches throughout Quebec.


The few rules to follow for a more impactful message are therefore:
– Be simple
– Prefer lightweight content for easy download and publication
– Don’t put too much (at the risk of screwing up your greatest asset!)

And for the video format, don’t forget the strength of sound that adds an extra dimension!