Club Soya is a brand new restaurant located near the Entertainment District and Berri-UQAM metro station. Open for lunch and dinner, it serves up Asian fusion cuisine with a Quebecois twist in an atmosphere that’s both trendy and cozy. Their unique takes on Asian classics were created by successful business owner Geneviève Everell, who has already made a name for herself with one-of-a-kind sushi recipes. Before opening, the restaurant asked H2O Communication to develop their branding and ensure a strong, modern and hip result. We came up with the business name and produced the logo, website and other communications tools.

We chose the name “Club Soya” because it underscores the restaurant’s originality, reflects its modern Asian fare, and promises to pique consumers’ curiosity. The name is simple, concise and easy to remember. For the branding, we opted for a timeless and original look that would leave a lasting impression on customers. Turquoise is used to evoke the sea—and all the scrumptious seafood we derive from it. The website that we designed and programmed for Club Soya is responsive and well-referenced, just like all the sites we create. The design whets viewers’ appetites by emphasizing the fresh ingredients that go into every dish. Finally, all the communication tools we created are aligned with the restaurant’s brand and convey its creative and singular personality.

Club Soya was an instant hit thanks to its mouth-watering dishes and warm, contemporary décor. The opening was covered by the media, including trend-watcher blogs like The Huffington Post and Zest. There’s no doubt that the strong, modern branding we created helped Club Soya become the success it is today. We wish it continued success for the years to come. For more information: