Prasad Ayurveda is a company that produces high-quality organic foods based on Ayurveda, a 100% natural form of traditional medicine from India. The company develops products like Prasad Ayurveda ghee, 100% Canadian clarified butter that challenges the coconut oil market.

When Prasad decided it wanted to increase awareness of its brand, the company hired H2O Communication to refresh the brand image, making it stronger and more memorable. We updated the entire visual identity and designed a new transactional website that showcases Prasad Ayurveda products and allows for better natural referencing.

Prasad Ayurveda products now make a strong impact in stores and stand out from the competition. The refined packaging design emphasizes the quality of the products and conveys an authentic, professional image. The website includes an e-commerce section, allowing customers to place online orders with ease. The combination of the transactional website and the new communications tools has resulted in better natural referencing for the brand—and we’re very pleased to have played a role in this achievement. For more information: