H2O communication unveils today one of its new achievements : the branding and the packaging of Akro.


A few months ago, Aliments Triova, a nut and candy wholesaler, hired H2O Communication to revamp the brand image of their Emballe Vrac line. H2O communication has also been given the mandate to create new packagings for this line of candies. The objective of this marketing operation was to reach the target and stand out from the competition.


H2O Communication had lots of fun coming up with a new name that was more representative of candies and the fun side of the products.After much reflection, Emballe Vrac was renamed Akro.To support the new name, the agency designed a new logo and distinctive packagings to help Akro products stand out on store shelves.Overall, the new branding is youthful, festive and original.


“Akro” is a playful reflection of the French word for being addicted—and the product’s ability to keep you coming back for more as the candies are extremely delicious.The new logo emphasizes the spirit of fun using original typography and bright corporate colours.H2O Communication also created a funny character to appear on the line’s packages.The custom-drawn character symbolizes the types of candy that Akro offers. Consumers can look through his transparent mouth to see what candies are inside the package—the solution is fast, easy and fun.


In order to support the new branding, H2O Communication has also designed a website dedicated to the Akro line.


With a new name, branding and packaging, the Akro line stands out from the competition. Akro is now fully equipped for growth.We will be keeping an eye on their development !