H2O Communication unveils one of our most recent accomplishments: the new branding for Développement Camirand.


Développement Camirand is a leading real estate developer that wanted to update its brand image and put the emphasis on the quality of its services. They hired H2O Communication to create the new branding and develop various communications tools, including the Développement Camirand website.


It was essential that the new branding and communications tools reflect the firm’s professionalism and the expertise Développement Camirand had gained in its 35 years of operations.


For the new branding, H2O Communication recommended a completely redesigned logo. The new, resolutely contemporary logo reflects Développement Camirand’s key offering: professional, highly qualified personnel and distinctive services. The new logo’s graphic design subtly conjures the real estate field, while conveying the fact that the firm is modern, reliable and dynamic.


H2O Communication chose yellow and dark grey for the brand’s corporate colours, a choice that will enable Développement Camirand to stand out from the competition. These dynamic colours work together to create a contemporary yet timeless image.


H2O Communication also created the corporate tagline “Builder of the Future.” This signature effectively represents Développement Camirand’s mission to build real estate developments for clients and assist them every step of the way.


The website designed by H2O Communication is also perfectly aligned with the new brand image. The new site is easier to navigate and features contemporary photos.The image used on social media was also revamped to match the new brand image.


H2O Communications successfully created a new brand image for Développement Camirand that reflects the firm’s professionalism, expertise, distinctive offer and superior customer service. The new branding positions Développement Camirand as a leader in the real estate development field.