For more than 60 years, Federal Steel has specialized in the products and services sector related to the optimization of workspaces. As a leader in its field, Federal Steel is both an advisor and a reliable consultant who adapts to all needs.


The objective of Federal Steel was to increase its reputation and modernize its image. The company also wanted to rework its communication, to better inform its current customers, but also to reach a new potential customer base.


Therefore, Federal Steel has entrusted the H2O Communication agency with the mission of creating and producing various communication tools such as its newsletters, brochure, catalogue, etc.


First, with the newsletters, H2O Communication has developed a full email marketing strategy to create content that is relevant and appropriate for Federal Steel’s customers. Specifically, the web objectives were to increase the rate of newsletter opening, increase the frequency of publication, increase traffic to the website and to the company’s social media.


After completing the email marketing strategy, H2O Communication designed an editorial calendar to determine what types of content would be of interest to current and potential Federal Steel customers. Then, the agency created stimulating and varied newsletters, both in form and content. In addition, H2O has integrated numerous hyperlinks in each newsletter to increase traffic to the website and social media. The newsletters created by H2O Communication are in perfect synergy with the Federal Steel brand image.  Of course, if each newsletter fits perfectly into the brand image, the design changes in order to attract the reader’s attention and tickle his curiosity.


The implementation and application of the email marketing strategy has enabled Federal Steel to achieve its objectives. Indeed, on average, the opening rate of Federal Steel newsletters is 14.5% higher than in industry.


Then, with regard to the brochure and catalogue, H2O communication used the corporate colours of Acier Fédéral to create communication tools that reflect its image. The agency has also included clear and distinct sections presenting the Federal Steel offer. The functions of the various space optimization solutions are detailed, as well as the various options and choices available to the customer. Thanks to these new promotional materials, regular and potential Federal Steel customers are aware of the entire range of products and services offered by the company.