In our current demographic context, the transfer of businesses is a subject of considerable importance. In fact, for several years now, baby boomers have gradually been preparing for retirement. Today the moment has finally arrived, the baby boomers are ready to pass the torch. Family businesses are no exception to this demographic phenomenon.


Indeed, at H2O communication, we have observe an increase of clients from small and medium sized family businesses that are living or are completing the business transfer process. Generally, these are entrepreneurs who take over the reins of the company founded by their parents.


Beyond the hierarchical change, this transfer often leads to changes in the branding and marketing of companies. Several young entrepreneurs who have grown up in the family business wants to modernize and optimize the branding and the marketing strategy when they take over the company.


However, several factors must be taken into account when it comes to the rebranding of a family business. For example, most of the time, branding elements have some sentimental value for the management team. Some entrepreneurs will find it difficult to change the entire branding, review the logo or redesign their website. This is especially true in cases where the founding parent remains slightly active in the business.


This is why it is essential to understand the reality of family businesses before starting the process of creating a new branding or marketing operation. An agency needs to understand the reality of family businesses and support the new management through every step of the rebranding process. The goal is to create a modern and efficient branding that remains representative of the company’s values. The same goes for the global marketing strategy.


In the end, the family entrepreneurship community is currently undergoing major changes in Quebec. These changes are often accompanied by a modernization of the company’s brand image or marketing strategy. Having achieved many mandates with family businesses, H2O communication understands the reality of this clientele. Thus, H2O supports and guides its clients through these changes to achieve a modern, efficient and representative rebranding of the family business.