5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Meeting with a Marketing Agency


All companies, regardless of size or industry, need a marketing strategy. And for various reasons, many businesses choose to hire marketing agencies to get the job done.


But before you can build a successful relationship with an agency, you have to start with a good brief. To make sure you get the best possible results, there are specific questions you should ask before meeting with an external team of communications professionals and hiring them to develop your marketing strategy or campaign.


Here are five questions you should ask yourself before sitting down with a marketing firm.


What are your goals?

Identifying your marketing goals is an essential step prior to starting a conversation with an agency. Are you looking to boost your reputation, increase sales, promote new products, etc.? By listing measurable goals for the short and long terms, you’ll help the marketing agency pinpoint the best strategies for you.


What are your needs?

Knowing your real needs is equally important. Are you looking for a new brand image, media strategy or website? You should also decide whether you’re looking for consulting services or turnkey services.


What sets your company apart?

Write down the qualities that distinguish your business from the competition and bring the list to your first meeting. This will give the agency’s team a better understanding of your company and line of work—which is useful for guiding their art direction.


What is your budget?

There’s no question that having a clear idea about your budget limits is crucial before you meet with a marketing agency. This information will help the agency tailor its proposal and offer you an effective marketing campaign that’s in line with your budget.


What’s the timeframe for your project?

Inform the agency of your scheduling needs right from the get-go, and they will let you know whether it’s realistic or not. It will also help their team come up with a plan that balances your marketing goals with your timing needs.


By asking yourself these five questions before sitting down to talk to an agency, you’ll enable the external firm to focus their strategic planning on the aspects that matter most to you. With the right information, the agency will be better positioned to develop campaigns that offer a strong return on investment.