Founded in 1981, Ridha Cosmetics is specialized in the creation of professional products and treatments for face and body. Striving to promote the superior quality of their products and care, while strengthening the company’s reputation and modernizing the company’s image, Ridha Cosmétiques has entrusted the agency H2O communication with the development of its branding and the creation of its new website. In addition, the agency was given the mandate of producing all communication tools such as a kiosk, roll-up, posters, magazine advertisements, stationery and the company’s website. Then, H2O communication also created the new corporate signature of Ridha Cosmetics.


Before you start creating the branding, H2O communication has carried out a comprehensive strategic reflection in order to immerse itself completely in the universe of Ridha Cosmetics and to be able to create a distinctive branding that stands out from the competition and in keeping with the reputation of the company. Then H2O started the rebranding process with the evolution of the logo. The agency designed a clean, timeless logo with a slight touch of blue to link it to the old branding.


With regard to branding, H2O communication proposed a professional branding featuring photos with radiant skin people to illustrate the effectiveness of Ridha Cosmetics products and care. Some graphic elements relating to nature have also been integrated into the branding since Ridha uses many natural elements in the production of its products. Moreover, H2O communication created the corporate signature: When science and nature come together. This corporate signature perfectly illustrates the mission of Ridha Cosmetics.


As regards the creation and programming of the website, H2O has obviously ensured that each page reflects the new visual identity. In addition, the new web showcase allows intuitive and user-friendly navigation through the multitude of products and treatments offered by Ridha Cosmetics.


In short, H2O communication has created a branding that perfectly reflects the mission as well as the quality of Ridha Cosmetics products and skincare. The company now has all the communication tools it needs to continue its national outreach. It’s a case to follow…