To mark its 25th anniversary, Ren-X gets a new skin and becomes Acaderme. Acaderme, a cosmetics and professional skincare distributor, offers its products in many spas, beauty salons, beauty institutes and offers its customers training and workshops.


Desiring to modernize its brand image and increase its reputation, Acaderme has entrusted the mandate of the creation of its new branding and the programming of its website to the integrated agency H2O communication. It is with great enthusiasm that we present today its new image: representative, distinct and professional. It reflects the company and its orientation.


Acaderme is the result of the combination of the words “academy”, a nod to the training component of the company and “dermatology”. Three logos have been created: Acaderme, Acaderme Formation, and Acaderme Distribution to differentiate the services offered. The new branding, as well as all the communication tools created, reflects the mission as well as the quality of Acaderme’s services.


With regard to corporate colours, black and lilac have been chosen and play the role of corporate link between all communication tools. These colours have been selected so that Acaderme stands out from the competition. Black evokes luxury and the high-end look of the products. As for lilacs, it evokes softness and benefits.

Finally, the website perfectly integrates the new brand image. In addition to being user-friendly and easy to use, this site reflects the positioning of Acaderme’s expert, both dynamic and professional. In order to improve the customer experience, it also includes a calendar with details of the training offered. We invite you to discover it at


With its new branding, its new website and its communication tools, Acaderme has all the tools to develop its reputation and reach new potential customers.