Eager to modernize its brand image, Lunetterie Béland mandated H2O communication to create its new branding. This marketing operation had the goal to increase the company’s notoriety while standing out within competition. Moreover, in order to optimize its online presence to enhance customer experience, Lunetterie Béland also entrusted H2O with its new website’s programing.


The new branding, just as the rest of the communication tools that were created, needed to reflect the mission and the quality services Lunetterie Béland offers on a daily basis.


Following that idea, H2O communication first came up with the evolution of the company’s logo by modernizing it and making it more momentous, before taking care of the typography and the proportions around it.


Inspired by the logo and its round shape, H2O communication created a modern and unique new branding. The pictures that were selected for the website and various communication tools are also important branding elements. They show a wide range of people from various age groups, highlighting the company’s mission to offer quality frames to all.


H2O communication also came up with the corporate signature “Your vision for life”, a perfect illustration of Lunetterie Béland’s philosophy ; to accompany its clients from their youngest age and for the rest of their lives.


On top of the branding, H2O communication completely redesigned and programmed the new website, integrating the brand’s image to it. The arborescence and the design aim to enhance customer experience. The website now has keywords and was programmed to optimize SEO.


H2O communication created a branding corresponding to Lunetterie Béland’s image ; vibrant and distinctive. It is an accurate representation of the mission and the superior quality services the company has to offer. Thanks to its new branding, Lunetterie Béland stands out and expands its notoriety. Moreover, the new website allowed the company to increase the trafic on its website.