A few months ago, a local start-up specializing in unique and high quality natural foods, mandated H2O communication for the creation of its branding and packaging. Specifically, the company makes and distributes healthy food products, such as its star product : the ghee which is 100% Canadian-made clarified butter made from grass-fed cows.


As part of this mandate, H2O communication initially had to create a name for the brand. Then, H2O Communication also received the mandate to create a strong and memorable brand image to maximize the company’s profile. In addition, the agency had to design attractive packaging and stand out from the competition. Of course, both the branding and the packaging had to evoke the concept of grass-fed cows.


Thus, at first, before creating a brand identity for the brand, H2O communication has done a thorough competition research to immerse itself completely in the field of natural products. Subsequently, the agency created the name of the brand : Kusha. This name is inspired by Indian culture, from which ghee comes. Kusha perfectly evokes the mission of the brand. Then, H2O communication created the entire visual identity of the brand so that it can reprensent the qualitty of the products offered by Kusha. Thus, the agency has created a distinctive and memorable logo evoking the grass.


In terms of packaging, H2O communication has achieved a refined design highlighting the brand while inspiring an image of high quality products. The Kusha ghee packaging is unmistakably distinguished by its high-end and professional image.


Kusha products are already available in quality grocery stores as well as on several specialized websites. The brand tends to know a growing success. It seems obvious Kusha has all the tools to develop his reputation and stand out from the competition in grocery stores. H2O communication is proud to contribute to the success of Kusha. We will be watching the progress of Kusha !