H2O communication is pleased to unveil one of its recent achievements : Groupe Conseil Génicom branding.


Founded in 2003, Groupe Conseil Génicom is one of the largest Quebec-based consulting firms working exclusively in the telecommunications field. Seeking to modernize its brand image, the company mandated the agency H2O communication for the creation of its new branding.


The objective of this mandate was to increase the company’s reputation while standing out from the competition thanks to new a branding and optimized communication tools. Thus, H2O communication was also mandated to create all the communication tools such as the deisgn of the website, the kiosk, the stationery and the integration of the brand image on Génicom’s social medias.


Of course, the logo, the branding and all the communication tools created by the H2O communication agency needed to reflect Groupe Conseil Génicom’s area of expertise, that is, telecommunications.


In this perspective, the typography designed for the logo and all the branding inspires high technology and evokes the field of telecommunications. In addition, in order to suggest the services and expertise of Groupe Conseil Génicom, the agency has designed a unique brand image illustrating inter-connected points flying over ultramodern cities. The new branding created by the agency strengthens Genicom’s leading position in the telecommunications field.


Obviously, all the communication tools created by the agency are in perfect symbiosis with Groupe Conseil Génicom’s new brand image.


In the end, thanks to the branding created by H2O communication, Groupe Conseil Génicom now has a branding and professional communication tools, reflecting its expertise and its position as a leader in its field.